In Wednesday’s episode of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13, Shefali Bagga is seen acting mad early in the morning and clanking utensils to wake up the housemates. An irritated Shefali justifies her act by accusing the housemates of watching her cry in the evening and deriving entertainment out of it.

Shefali continues to clank the utensils unless everyone is awake and exhausted after trying to calm her down. Shehnaz takes Shefali out and tells her that she respects her but she needs to stop. Refusing, Shefali goes back inside only to be wrapped in a blanket, unexpectedly from the back, by Vikas Gupta and carried off to the bathroom to be locked up.

Feeling sorry for her, Shehnaz tries to explain Shefali’s irritation and says that it takes a lot of guts to do this after being repeatedly hurt. Paras agrees and before going to sleep, calls Shefali gutsy which irritates Mahira. Mahira goes back to sleep saying that he should go away and tell these things to someone else. Paras continues to praise Shefali despite others calling it her desperate attempt to remain in the show. Pulling her blanket aside, Mahira shouts at him saying anyone who needs to stick in this game has to do antics like Imam Siddique. Though we do not favour Shefali’s madness, Mahira’s unexpected fiery launch at the ex-contestant was not cool either.

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