Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13 will witness New Year 2020’s first round of eviction. Collecting in the living room area, the housemates have to put red paint on the face of the person that they nominate for eviction.

A video currently going viral shows Vishal Aditya Singh nominating Mahira Sharma saying that without Paras Chhabra, she was a total zero on the show. Mahira says that even after being together, Vishal and Madhurima Tulli were a zero too. While Asim Riaz too nominates Mahira, Rashami Desai casts her vote against her too saying that she has no individuality on the show. An angry Mahira is heard saying that Rashami, Vishal and Asim’s opinion does not matter to her. The three break into laughter.

Watch the full video here:

Earlier, Rashami took Asim Riaz into confidence as she spills out her thoughts about Arti Singh and Siddharth Shukla. Saying that there has been enough distance between them ever since they came on the show, Rashami considers closing the gap in her bond with Arti. Asim asks the benefit of this move.

Later, he and Vishal are seen pumping Rashami up to teach a lesson to all those who hurt her. Hinting at Sid, Vishal says that she was not in the game because of him and now it wa stime to take hold of the reigns. Meanwhile, Rashami is seen absorbing all their advice but it awaits to be seen whether she will execute the same in reality.

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