Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 13 opens to the housemates waking up and dancing in their nightsuits on Kambakht Ishq song. Shehnaz Gill flares up after washing utensils alone when Mahira Sharma and Paras Chhabra urge her to at least have her morning tea.

Check out the highlights of tonight’s episode here:

  • Wednesday’s episode will show Shefali and Himanshi siding with Asim while Sid blames the two girls for his fight with Asim. Shehnaz, on the other hand, acts overdramatic, dismantles her own mandap then cries in a corner seeking attention.
  • Arti tells Himanshi and Shefali that Asim’s outburst is pent up from the previous fights and that it is his passive anger.
  • Trying to reason out with Sid, Asim asks him what makes him fire up all the time and says his aggression is useless which turns Siddharth super sarcastic as the housemates watch on. Shehnaz pitches in from Siddharth’s side and says that he has always saved Asim from eliminations when Vishal and others pull her down saying that it is none of her business and suggest that she stays away from their fight.
  • Asim accuses Siddharth of choking him and always getting aggressive be it with Rashami, Devoleena or others. He says that Sid has been frying up since morning but he will not entertain this behaviour of his. The housemates divide and take the two aside to calm them down but the two boys continue to rant and shout while going on to spill the beans on each others game.
  • Bigg Boss orders Asim and Siddharth to cool down. The two present their cases before the housemates while howling all the time and continue to lock horns while the housemates separate the two.
  • Shehnaz then demands fruits from the housemates and Asim immediately goes to the kitchen to fetch them. She insists on having an orange which Sid goes to collect from the kitchen and tells Asim to not cut apples since that was not what Shehnaz demanded. Asim insists on cutting them as per Shehnaz’ previous demand but Siddharth raises his voice to convince him otherwise. This irks Asim who shouts back at him and soon enough, the two get verbally abusive and land in a physical fight.

  • On Shehnaz’ request, Paras takes off his shirt to woo her and goes on to say “We love, we love Sana” which makes her hug and kiss him on the cheek. Bhau asks the two suitors to show some “chhichorapan” after which Sid turns a girl for Shehnaz who pretends to be a boy by wearing Paras’ shirt. The two dance while the others sing the “Bumbro” song.
  • In form, Shehnaz dramatically makes the housemates say, “Shehnaz palti master nahi hai” which they reiterate. Bhau leaves no chance to call Shehnaz “chhichhori” which is a little irking to watch as viewers.
  • Vishal dances with Shehnaz to the beats given by Paras’ side of the family
  • Sid introduces Arti as his mother, Himanshi as his sister, Asim as his younger brother and Shefali as his aunt. Shehnaz asks for a hug which Sid gives her. Paras too gives her a long hug and a kiss on her cheeks.
  • The buzzer sounds for the task to start post which Bhau and Rashami sit on thrones while Paras and Sid’s family members sit on either side and introduces themselves one by one.
  • Shehnaz, on the other hand, goes to Sid, Shefali and Himanshi to spill the beans on Paras’ plan and says that she will vote in Sid’s favour. Next she convinces Bhau to merge his vote with hers instead of Rashami’s and teach the housemates a lesson. The two then convince Rashami.
  • Vishal tells Paras that he will be his aunt while Paras goes to Rashami to convince her to be on his side and vote in his favour as a perfect suitor for Shehnaz to which she agrees.
  • Shefali reads out the new task before the housemates according to which Shehnaz’ swayamvar will take place. While Bhau and Rashami will act as her parents, Paras and Sid will be her suitors and rest of the housemates will be the two hunks family.
  • Vishal goes to clarify with Sid in the kitchen who turns down his offer to mellow down.
  • In the garden, Rashami and Vishal are seen talking and the former asks him to take a stand in the issue as his name was dragged up when Sid enters to pull their leg again for spending time together. Rashami calls him a societal butterfly.
  • In another room, Arti is seen asking Shehnaz who brought Vishal and Arhaan’s topic up when the later confirms that it was Sid but explains that the housemates even point fingers at her for fluctuating between Sid and Paras but she never takes it personally. Sid walks in sarcastically and challenges Arti to do whatever she wants after Shehnaz’ confirmation.
  • In a corner, Arti is seen puffing up Rashami to go and fight back with Sid since he pointed at her character by saying that after Arhaan left, Rashami is after Vishal now. Arti says that she will back her up in her fight against Sid.
  • Rashami and Sid’s verbal fight continues in the garden when Asim pushes him aside saying he cannot talk to her like that. The two get into a physical fight when Shehnaz intervenes and takes Asim away while Rashami and Sid continue howling at each other.
  • Inside the kitchen Arti calls out Sid’s fluctuating nature for siding with people as and when it pleases him and goes on to say that Vishal got so much liberty in being frank with her due to Sid’s action.
  • Rashami, who is seen chopping the vegetables with Shefali, asks who will cook rotis since it is tough when Kesari says that Sid had said earlier that it is the duty of those incharge of cooking. Rashami says that she will cook rice which flares up Siddharth who insists that she cooks rotis. The two even end up cursing each other and being highly bitter in their conversations.
  • Sid and Shehnaz are seen talking when Rashami walks up to tell them that she will not do rationing. Sid tells this to Asim and asks him to take it up but the latter refuses. Sid starts shouting on him after his refusal and the two get into a heated argument about clearing the table which is Sid’s duty.
  • Shehnaz rants before Mahira and Paras about being alone in the house while the others went around helping their friends. This irks Himanshi who then comes out to clarify but Shehnaz says she is not interested. The two get into an arguement in the garden area as other housemates watch on.

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