Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss 13 opens to Asim Riaz complaining about Siddharth Shukla’s behaviour to Vishal Aditya Singh while Shefali Zariwalla and Arti Singh listen silently. Asim calls Sid a dog which makes the latter call his father a dog. This makes Asim lose his temper and the two lock horns again as the housemates pitch in to separate the two.

Check the highlights of tonight’s episode here:

  • On Bigg Boss’ cue, Bhau announces Paras as the suitable boy for Shehnaz as Sid’s team looks on angrily. Paras and Shehnaz garland each other inside the mandap after which they hug and kiss each other much to his team’s cheerings.
  • Shenaz destroys Sid’s mandap while Himanshi dismantles Paras. The housemates end up fighting with each other as Shehnaz slyly goes away inside the house. Paras acts as if he did not see this coming and accuses Shehnaz of being evil. Shehnaz asks PAras sincerely if she did anything wrong on which he laughs and denies. Bhau hits Shehnaz with a cushion accusing her of always triggering a fight between the housemates.
  • Mahira asks Sid if someone had given his family members an injection. She offers him to come into their family and flirts with her. Mahira continues to take offense on Shefali’s words when Paras cools her down and tells her to take it gracefully.
  • The shehnai sounds which makes the others wait for the flower basket. Bhau and Rashami accuse Shehnaz for taking centre stage and not letting them do anything in the task. Bhau gives the basket to Paras’ team for entertaining them the most.
  • Asim is called up next to unbutton his shirt and narrate a few of Sid’s qualities.
  • Shehnaz asks Shefali to feed her fruits which she does in good humour while Mahira attacks Shefali’s sense of humour. Shefali asks her to stop talking as she couldn’t focus on anything except her lips. Mahira asks Sid how her lips look to which he says, “Bade hoonth wali chipkali“. His team bursts out laughing. Mahira continues to attack Shefali who then asks her to shut up before her lips burst into pieces.
  • Paras is called up next to narrate his own good qualities but Paras asks Vishal to do so. Vishal’s entertaining way wins housemates’ hearts and he even ends up dancing with Shehnaz.
  • The task to get Shehnaz married starts again and she begins by telling Sid to say a few words of praise for her mother – Rashami. Sid begins by calling her cunning and a monkey who fluctuates from branch to branch and loves to wear heavy makeup but her inside dirt always glows. An angry Rashami asks Sid why she should, in that case, marry off her daughter to him to which Sid says that she should be thankful that he is offering to marry a girl with Rashami’s qualities.
  • Sid and Shehnaz decide to make Vishal the next captain and tell him about their plan.
  • Bhau tells Himanshi to play individually unlike Arti who is on both sides and Shefali who is simply pumping up Asim.
  • Arti and Bhau discuss how the other housemates are trying to take advantage of the situation. Arti goes and spills Vishal and Paras’ anti plans before Sid. Sid cross-checks with the two boys to deny it completely whereas, on camera, they are guilty of the accusations.

  • Shehnaz tells Paras and Mahira that Asim already has a group with Bhau, Shefali and Himanshi’s sincere loyalty. Paras calls Bhau useless and the two girls agree.
  • The housemates wake up dancing to Hauli Hauli song the next morning after which Himanshi tells Shefali and Asim that Sid is simply angry when they don’t oblige with his decisions which evidently makes him angry to see his preconceived game results spoiled.

  • Sid bitterly talks about Asim to Himanshi and says that he has just been trying to flirt with the girls.
  • Shefali tries to make Asim see sense when Arti says that Sid is just being a puppet in others’ hands.
  • Shehnaz, in her task’s character, asks Rashami if she will ever get married. Rashami hilariously says that given the robust state of affairs, it is better she stays a maiden. Shehnaz insists that she wants to have her “suhaag” raat when Bhau walks in and offers to give her a slap as others burst out laughing.
  • Sid continues to rant about Asim first to Shehnaz and then to Vishal, Kesari and Bhau.
  • Vishal tells Rashami and Kesari that it is all Himanshi’s fault and even goes on to joke that he should himself stay away from Rashami.
  • Asim and Sid abuse each others parents and get into a physical fight.
  • The housemates cool the two angry birds but in vain. Asim laughs at Paras standing up for Sid which makes Paras enter into a verbal battle with him. Arti too is angry at Paras and Mahira taking advantage of the situation.
  • Paras goes to Himanshi and accuses her of pumping Asim against Sid. On the other hand, Shehnaz goes overly dramatic and unnecessarily gets in between Asim and Sid’s fight which angers the girls and they end up fighting too.
  • Siddharth bitches about Asim to Paras and Mahira who burst out laughing. Paras pushes the envelope by saying that in Africa where Asim models, lesbian shoots take place. Sid says he is from the same industry so Asim cannot fool him. Asim walks into the conversation angrily and what ensues look uncontrollable.
  • Shefali tells Arti that this time Sid has gone overboard by taking a dig at her friendship with Asim.
  • Siddharth and Asim continue to abuse and fight each.

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