Bigg Boss 13 contestant Paras Chhabra is facing the wrath from his girlfriend, Akanksha Puri, after he got cosy and indulged in PDA with co-contestant Mahira Sharma. Now, as per the latest reports in Pinkvilla, Paras’ request to get new clothes for the remaining weeks is going unheard by the actor. The report states that Paras is desperately reaching out to the production team outside the house to get his new set of clothes but with Akanksha putting her foot down, the makers are finding it difficult to reach out to his family members.

Earlier, during an interview, Akanksha reacted on how she hates to see Mahira sharing Paras’ clothes and perfumes which she has sent her with lots of love. She has also stated that she feels fortunate that Bigg Boss happened and she came to know what is cooking in Paras’ head. She also revealed that she has spent beautiful moments with Paras and would not want to spoil them by making things ugly between them. She would rather like to keep pleasant memories intact.

She also claimed that now she has stopped watching the show after the Weekend ka Vaar episode where Paras claimed that he wants to walk out of the relationship. She said, “I don’t remember watching the show or being active on Twitter after that episode. I also used to keep a tab of the show to know about how he is looking and if there are any alterations in the styling to be made and for other minute details. Now, obviously I’m not doing it”.

Paras Chhabra earlier claimed that he is in love With Mahira and wants to break all ties with Akanksha so that his relationship with Mahira can move forward. He even called Akanksha a ‘broker’ for managing things between him and his fashion stylist.