Tonight’s episode of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13 will see Aap Ki Adalat inventor and news anchor Rajat Sharma entering the house and grilling the contestants in his make-shift court. The hot topic, be it Rashami Desai or Asim Riaz in the witness box, seemed to be Sidharth Shukla.

Subtly accusing Asim, Rajat begins by praising his chiseled body which requires patience and control. Roasting Asim, Rajat asks why can’t Asim practice this control over his anger. The model replies that people in the house are bent on pulling each other down proving things which are not true. He says this triggers his mood and he tries to control his mood swings. Referring to Sid as Asim’s elder brother, Rajat asks what went wrong in their friendship. Asim shares that it might come across as his ego but it has been his self-respect all throughout since Sid tried to pull him down not once but ten times.

He says that in his friendship with Sid, he was entitled to follow his orders which was not possible for Asim. Rajat questions Asim about breaking his friendship for the game. Asim asserts that if your friend does not listen to you, then you need to move forward in the game. Rajat accuses Asim for terming Sid as a ‘game’ to which he says that when two friends do not listen to each other, what kind of a friendship is it. Rajat then accuses Asim of not ending a fight until it turns fiery. He suggests that Asim should also listen to others while listening to himself. The model cuts him short saying that he has listened to everyone in the house but Rajat curtly replies that Asim was not ready to listen to him, how will he oblige an ear to others. He accuses Asim of gaining sympathy in the reality show.

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