Season 13 of Salman Khan-hosted reality show, Bigg Boss, is too full of masala to skip these days what with housemates Rashami Desai, Shefali Bagga and Devoleena Bhattacharjee being asked to leave the house, hinting at their elimination. While the contestants seem shocked, the precap of the next episode shows ex-contestant Gauahar Khan grilling the three evicted contestants.

The latest rumour surfacing the Internet has it that the two bahu-turned-babes are still in the BB house and watching the other contestants plot and ploy from the secret room. The fans were even seen debating on Twitter of how much showtime Rashami covered in each episode which makes it impossible to believe that she has been eliminated.

In Saturday’s episode, before the eliminations, Salman Khan told the contestants that Mahira Sharma who’s safe in the game wasn’t even in the top-6 as per the audience’s voting but she went ahead due to other contestants’ negligence and this is a shame. This leads to a lot of controversy inside the house when Arti Singh slams Devoleena for not playing the game right and making them all suffer by saving Mahira. Paras defends Devoleena and gets into an argument with Arti. Mahira starts crying. Arti keeps reiterating that if not anyone else, Devoleena should have saved herself and not Mahira who’s someone else’s connection.

On the other hand, Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shehnaaz Gill is in the house and has managed to gather headlines for some reason or the other. Be it her chemistry with her co-contestant Paras Chhabra or Salman Khan’s partiality towards her. Before entering the Big Boss house, the Punjabi singer-actor had shed light on her strategies inside the house. She has won hearts inside and outside the house and a video of Colors fan page shows Shehnaaz in a state of shock after seeing a new wild card entry, Himanshi Khurana.

The upcoming episode will feature Himanshi Khurana, considered to be one of the biggest rivals of Shehnaaz Gill. Before entering the house, Himanshi had said that she was not interested in going to the Bigg Boss house as she didn’t want to sort her issues or fight with Shehnaaz. She went on to reveal how Shehnaaz body-shamed her in the past and also abused her family but said that she does not intend to bring it up inside the house. She also addressed their fight which began when she commented on Shehnaaz saying she has gotten a lip surgery done.

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