In tonight’s episode of Salman Khan-hosted Bigg Boss 13, the female contestants are pitted against one another to compete for the BB Fashion Show and one of them will land with the winning trophy. Dressing up at their sultry best, the television sensations get seated in the garden area as Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz play judged of the show while Paras Chhabra turns to host.

As Madhurima Tulli, Shefali Bagga, Mahira Sharma and this week’s captain, Shehnaz Gill put up sensuous performances, it is Rashami Desai’s hot dance moves that leave everyone smitten including Arhaan Khan. As customary, Siddharth poses a question to Rashami and asks whether she wants to win the game. Keeping her irritation under wraps, Rashami asks him to clearly phrase whichever of the two questions he wanted her to answer. Sid assures her that he does not mean to demean her in any way and going down on his knees, with folded hands, asks if she intends to win the game. Rashami answers that that is what they were there for while Paras cuts in saying that no matter what, he was going to walk away as the winner. This cracks everyone up.

Watch the full video here:

Ever since Bigg Boss 13 got an extension of five-weeks, the reports of Salman Khan quitting the show have been surfacing the grapevine. Salman makes his appearance on the show during ‘Weekend ka Vaar’ episodes to school contestants over their fights and behaviour inside the house. There were also reports that Farah Khan will be taking over as the host of the show. However, as per the latest reports, it is not Farah Khan but Rohit Shetty who might be stepping in Salman’s shoes to host the ‘weekend ka vaar’ episodes in the upcoming weeks.

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