Shehnaaz Gill is one of the most popular contestants inside Bigg Boss 13 house. She has made a cute image of herself by reacting naively to situations. Often, the rest of the housemates are seen telling each other that Shehnaaz is like a kid and she is too-innocent-to-understand the worldly affairs. Well, all of it could be right because only an ignorant person would say what Shehnaaz said in the latest episode of Bigg Boss.

Proving her absence of mind, Shehnaaz expressed her opinion on the increasing rate of divorce. She blamed women for the same and said more women are smoking these days that lead to gender equality that ultimately lead to divorce. She said women have multiple boyfriends, therefore, there seems no importance of marriages.

Interestingly, Siddharth Shukla tried to shut her up by telling her that she should not be making offensive statements and try to steer clear away from expressing her mind on issues that she doesn’t know about. However, nothing changed. Shehnaaz added that she is entitled to her opinion and she will speak what she feels.

Bigg Boss 13 has always been a show of controversies and a place where these chosen contestants get away by making offensive and insensitive statements. Women bash each other for fellow male contestants, the word ‘gay’ is used as abuse, LGBTQ is frowned upon and women speaking out are often labelled as the one playing the ‘victim card’ or ‘woman card’ – the show gives immense space to its contestants to do everything that attracts the audience at the cost of hurting sentiments on a regular basis. A sexist statement by a contestant on a show which has also allowed violence, both physical and mental, to be displayed, is just like a pebble in an ocean!

Your thoughts on Shehnaaz’ foolish and disappointing statements?

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