In tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 Weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan will be seen lashing out at Shehnaaz Gill after she cried and hit herself when Siddharth Shukla teased her with statement where he said that Shehnaaz is jealous of Mahira. After being scolded by the Dabangg star, the Punjabi singer leaves the room and goes out and sits on the entry gate of the house.

Salman also goes on to warn Siddharth Shukla and tells him to be careful as she is madly in love with him. It so happened, Salman rolls out a task where the contenders have to pour a green liquid on the box kept in front of Mahira and Shehnaaz and choose who is more jealous. The inmates majority of votes go to Shehnaaz and the Radhe actor tells her that she is jealous and she should accept it. This makes her break down and cry inconsolably and falls on the floor. She says that she doesn’t want to live in the house anymore and Salman asks her to leave the house or stop the drama.

Last week, Shehnaaz Gill was seen fuming with anger after Siddharth Shukla poked her continuously. He was seen telling Mahira that she is the most sorted person in the house and he doesn’t understand why people get jealous of her. Shehnaaz, who was lying down on the lounge in the garden area overheard him and asked him to keep his mouth shut and be in his limits. With no stopping to Siddharth, Shehnaaz then retaliates and pushes him away and asks him to not say such things. She then breaks down into tears, hits herself and then goes to her bed and starts crying. Siddharth comes to her to convince her but she says that he is unnecessarily making her cry. Siddharth gets surprised by her statement and Shehnaaz, out of rage, slaps him.