The season third of Bigg Boss Tamil is going to premiere tonight. It’s the third season that’s being hosted by Kamal Haasan and the viewers have already geared up for the show. Ahead of its premiere episode, a few pictures from the sets of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 have hit social media. The photos give a glimpse into the stunning house this season. In one picture, Kamal Haasan is seen seated on a golden couch that hints at how the confession room is going to look like this season. Another picture shows the host posing outside the lavish house and one can see every detail of the well-lit abode from outside.

The house seems to have been designed as per the vintage theme. A lot of golden and red are used to define opulence while a red coloured vintage car-model has been kept to adorn the garden area. One can also see the prison area in the background. Further, vintage-styled lamps and old-fashioned wood designs are used to do the interiors. The house looks lavish and every bit stunning.

A clip of Kamal Haasan from the premiere episode of the show is going viral on Twitter currently. Check this out:

The list of the speculated contestants this season includes the names of Sakshi Agarwal, Sandy Master, Mohan Vaidhya, Mohith Gaur, Powerstar Srinivasan among others. The final list of the contestants will be revealed tonight. The show will have 15 participants fighting for the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 trophy this year. Around 60 cameras have been installed inside the house to record everyday movement of the contestants. The show is one of the most watched Indian shows and Kamal Haasan’s presence as the host only adds to its popularity. Watch out!