Anurag’s ex-girlfriend, Mishka arrives at the party and tells him that she still has feelings for him. Mohini over-hears the two having a conversation as Anurag sees Prerna and introduces her to Mishka as his friend. Mishka also tells her that she is Anurag’s ‘close friend’. This hurts Prerna and she goes away. Meanwhile, Mohini tells Nivedita that she has found somebody who will take away Anurag’s attention from Prerna and the two discuss Mishka quite happily. Prerna and Anurag meet again at the party and the man wonders why Prerna is behaving distantly.

Mishka gets a call from her sister, Komolika. She tells her that she is in love with Anurag and has come back to Kolkata to meet him. Komolika tells her that she shouldn’t give enough attention to her feelings and just stay happy in her life without caring for anyone. Mishka tells her that she doesn’t agree with her opinions and will meet her soon. Komolika hangs up by asking her to meet tonight.

Anurag gets annoyed with Prerna because of her weird behaviour towards him. He requests her to be clear about what’s troubling her and walks out. Nivedita tries to leave the party for some professional work. Mohini asks her to be present at the party. Mishka interrupts their conversation and asks for Anurag’s whereabouts. Mohini tells her that she is very pretty and she is aware of her relationship with Anurag. She then asks her about her father’s name and Mishka’s answer makes her realise she’s Komolika’s sister.

Shivani wonders if Prerna has expressed her feelings to Anurag. She makes a call to Prerna. Mohini picks it up and before realising that she’s on the call, Shivani asks whether Prerna has told Anurag about her feelings or not. Mohini is taken aback. She fumes with anger and disconnects the phone.

The pre-cap of the next episode shows Mohini announcing Mishka as Anurag’s soon-to-be bride as both Anurag and Prerna are left shocked at the party. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!