Prerna blames herself for Shivani’s current situation. Anurag tries to console her as she keeps sobbing. She says she has been too busy with her own life and didn’t pay attention to the ordeal her sister was dealing with. She keeps blabbering and stops the moment she is going to tell Anurag that Shivani wanted her to tell Anurag how much she loves him. Anurag asks her to complete what she was going to tell him. He tells Prerna that everything will be alright and she should trust his words. Prerna apologises for her behaviour at the party. Anurag holds her in his arms as she feels devastated.

Komolika calls her brother, Ronit, who eventually turns out to be Shivani’s lover. Mishka, her younger sister, visits her and tells her about having a good time at the Basu house. Komolika tells her that she has no interest in books and everyone should pay more attention to reading human beings’ minds. Mishka tells her that she is in awe of Anurag and he’s the perfect man for her.

Meanwhile, Prerna starts feeling better in the company of Anurag. She tells him that she has started being dependent on him. She then thanks him for just being in her life, helping her and supporting her throughout. She says that she got upset with him earlier because she started taking a dream as her reality and when she realised it was just a dream, she broke down. She asks Anurag why can’t he understand that she just had a heart-break when he claims to understand everything Prerna thinks. He asks her to relax and tell him clearly about the heartbreak. As she starts explaining, the doctor interrupts and reveals Shivani has come back to her consciousness.

Meanwhile, Komolika and Mishka keep discussing Anurag. The latter tells her that just when he was going to express his feelings for her, he had to leave because of ‘Prerna’. Komolika warns her against Prerna. Mishka requests her elder sister to teach her all ‘tricks’ to get the man she wants, aka Anurag. Komolika agrees.

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Prerna meets Shivani and gets aggressive. She asks her why she attempted suicide without thinking about their parents. Shivani reveals that she is pregnant. The pre-cap of the upcoming episode shows Prerna and Komolika in their first confrontation scene. Prerna asks Komolika why her brother hooked-up with Shivani when marriage wasn’t his attention. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!