Prerna tells Shivani that she couldn’t express her feelings to Anurag. Shivani assures her that she and Anurag are meant for each other and soon will be together. Prerna’s mother interrupts their conversation and tells Prerna that someone has come to meet her downstairs. She tells her that the woman’s name is Komolika. Prerna wonders that she doesn’t know anyone by this name.

Anurag reaches back home after spending the night with Prerna and her family members. Mohini opens the door and reveals there’s a surprise for him in his room. Anurag goes to his room and finds Mishka waiting for him there. He feels shocked to see her and hesitates to ask her to leave. She reveals his mother herself has sent her to get close to him. She gives a shirt to Anurag and asks him to change.

Prerna meets Komolika and asks her if she knows her. Komolika tells her that she is here to warn her against her police complaint. She introduces herself as Ronit’s sister. She then asks Prerna to call Shivani so that they can leave for police station to have the FIR back. Prerna refuses. Komolika threatens her by saying that she should understand there’s a thin line between bravery and stupidity. Prerna then tells her that she should know her brother has done wrong to a woman and she can’t justify that. Komolika makes fun of Prerna for how she seemed devastated last night when they met.

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Meanwhile, Mishka tries to get close to Anurag and he feels uncomfortable. He recalls a moment spent with Prerna when she tried to fix the button of his kurta. He then thinks how beautiful Prerna looked at that time. He wonders how both Prerna and Mishka are completely opposite of each other but Prerna is more attractive because her beauty lies in her shy persona. Mishka plants a kiss on Anurag’s cheek and initiates a conversation about their wedding. He stops her and says that there’s time to the wedding. Nivedita enters his room and feels uncomfortable seeing Anurag-Mishka standing close to each other. As she leaves, Anurag thinks why is he still wondering about Prerna while being with Mishka.

Komolika continues to threaten Prerna and tells her that she will have to pay big for it or she should give a second thought to taking the FIR back. Prerna asks her to leave. The pre-cap of the upcoming episode shows Komolika telling Prerna that her sister will have to suffer for what she has done by lodging a complaint against her brother. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kasautii Zindagii Kay!