Kasautii Zindagii Kay Latest Updates: Anurag tells Prerna he won’t let her marry Naveen Babu. Naveen hears Prerna’s voice and asks Anurag if he is with Prerna in the washroom. Anurag denies. Naveen then tells him that he should wait for that one beautiful girl who’s entering the function tonight because he won’t be able to concentrate anywhere else after looking at her. Anurag and Prerna come out of the bathroom. The gifts are exchanged between Basu and Sharma families. Moloy tells Veena that she is giving them the biggest gift ever by sending Prerna to their house. Prerna finally leaves Anurag’s room for her engagement.

Naveen gifts a heavy gold neckpiece to Prerna but she refuses to accept it. Anurag arranges for the address of Naveen’s girlfriend from his friend. Komolika’s father informs Naveen that he’s late but his daughter will soon be reaching the venue. Naveen promises that he will take care of Komolika. Anurag and Prerna exchange gazes just before he leaves the Basu house. Mohini gifts a waistband to Prerna and asks her to wear it right away.

Photo Courtesy: TV screenshots

Photo Courtesy: TV screenshots


Finally, Komolika makes her grand entry on the show. While walking, she accidentally drops her handkerchief. Anurag sees that but doesn’t pick it up. Komolika is left shocked to realise Anurag didn’t hurry like other men to pick her handkerchief and left without even looking at her. Anurag reaches the place and waits for somebody to open the door.


In the precap of the next episode, we see Komolika complaining that she couldn’t see even one striking face at the boring function. Meanwhile, Anurag enters the house of Naveen’s girlfriend. He also manages to find some photographs of Naveen with the other woman together. We also see Hina Khan aka Komolika thanking her viewers for waiting to see her as Komolika on screen. She then asks her fans to watch out for her performance at the upcoming Star Parivaar Awards 2018, which is going to be aired on Sunday, November 4.