Premiering their first episode on Monday night, the 11th season of his popular reality TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati, a quiz-based game show that is known to change the fortunes of the contestants, opened to tough questions by the host, Amitabh Bachchan. Featuring in his usual charm, Big B commenced the new season of the game show with as much palpable energy on the sets as in season 1, back in the year 2000.

In his latest interview with the media, the show’s director Arun Sheshkumar spilled the beans on how Mr Bachchan remains on the sets of KBC and just how much he loves hanging out there. In his interaction with Mid-day, the director revealed that Big B loves the kind of ‘buggy camera’ they use on the sets, which is actually the first time that such a camera is being used on a reality show. He was quoted saying, “The latest addition to the KBC set is a buggy camera. It has become Bachchan’s favourite toy as it follows him around. This is the first time that such a camera is being used on a reality show. It has been used in IPL matches earlier.”

The tagline of KBC this year is ‘Vishwaas Hai Toh Khade Raho #AdeyRaho’ and will telecast 65 episodes in total, in a timespan of 13 weeks. Airing from Monday to Thursday, the show will be telecasted on Sony TV from 9 pm to 10:30 pm.

Check out the highlights of KBC season 11, episode 1 here:

  • Amitabh conducts the second round of Fastest Finger First which is won by Chitralekha Rathore from Raipur. She answers seven questions by the end of the episode and wins a total of Rs 40,000.
  • Question 10
    For Rs 320000Which team racked up a world record score of 278 runs in T20 International Cricket?a) Ireland b) India c) Australia d) AfghanistanAns. d) Afghanistan
    Anil picks Australia, loses and is sent back to Rs 10000
  • Question 9
    For Rs 160000Of the following animals, whose milk contains the most fat?
    a) Camel b) Cow c) Buffalo d) GoatAns. c) Buffalo
  • Question 8
    For Rs 80000What is the name of the character played by Priyanka Chopra in the film Bajirao Mastani?
    a) Meerabai b) Kashibai c) Rukmanibai d) SitabaiAns. b) Kashibai
  • Question 7
    For Rs 40000Which of these Indus valley civilisation sites is not situated in Gujarat?
    a) Lothal b) Rangpur c) Dholavira d) RakhigarhiAns d) Rakhigarhi
  • By now, Anil is down by three lifelines
    Question 6
    For Rs 20000Which actor’s voice is this? (*sound plays in the background*)
    a) Dev Anand b) Salim Khan c) Kamal Haasan d) Kader Khan
  • Question 5
    For Rs 10000Where in the human body can you find the Deltoid muscles?
    a) Shoulder b) Back c) Foot d) ForearmAns. a) Shoulder
  • Question 4
    For Rs 5000According to Indian belief, what is Kalpataru or Parijat?
    a) Wish-fulfilling tree b) Wish-fulfilling cow c) High speed chariot d) Indra’s horseAns. a) Wish-fulfilling tree
  • Question 3
    For Rs 3000What was this much publicised fan of the Indian cricket team called by the media?
    a) Super Dadi b) Desi Dadi c) Shooter Dadi d) Praying DadiAns. a) Super Dadi
  • Question 2
    For Rs 2000What do you get if you add up the numbers in the Hindi saying ‘Nau do gyarah hona‘?
    a) 9 b) 22 c) 11 d) 13Ans. b) 22
  • Question 1
    For Rs 1000What is the name of the place that comes in this movie title, Manikarnika: The Queen of…
    a) Gwalior b) Mandu c) Kashi d) JhansiAns. d) Jhansi
  • The show begins with the usual question for the Fastest Finger First round. This season’s first episode’s first question on the contestant’s screens read:Arrange these 2019 events chronologically:A) Abhinandan’s return to India
    B) 2019 Lok Sabha election
    C) ICC Cricket World Cup
    D) Chandrayaan missionAmitabh welcomes Anil Jeevnani from Gujarat to the hot seat as he wins the round.

Earlier, director Arun Sheshkumar, who has also helmed Salman Khan‘s Dus Ka Dum and Aamir Khan‘s Satyamev Jayate in the past, talked to Hindustan Times and said that Bachchan turns even younger every year on the sets of KBC. He said that the actor’s energy is so palpable on the sets that there’s no one he doesn’t wave or interact with. “Every year, Mr Bachchan becomes younger. He becomes like a kid on set. He tells us, ‘Chalo, aaj kya naya karna hai?’ He enjoys the process as the kid in him is very much alive. For us, it becomes more challenging to bring in the novelty. He treats himself as part of the show, and not as a superstar. There is no one on the set who can say that Mr Bachchan did not wave out to him,” he explained.