The actor-host Amitabh Bachchan begins the new episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, season 11, by introducing the expert for the night, Syed Ansari. He begins the show with the first question.

Here are the questions asked by Amitabh Bachchan to Sania:

Which of these is the name of the Founder of Microsoft?

Ans. A) Gates

What’s the next line of this popular song, “mera joota hai Japani…

Ans. C) Yeh patlun Englistani

These dishes are traditionally served during which of these festivals? (Pictures flash in the background)

Sania uses the lifeline of audience poll. 72% votes for option B) Eid

Ans. B) Eid

Amitabh then takes audience through the video clip of Sania’s life in brief. Talking about domestic violence and domestic torture, Sania tells how her life took a happy turn when she married for the second time. Amitabh pulls up her spirits by praising her for putting up through the struggle. Sania elaborates further on her love-cum-arranged marriage yet the tortures of it until her child was born.

Identify this personality (audio plays in the background)

Sania requests to flip the question but before that answers C) Nitin Gadkari which is wrong. The correct answer was Shatrughan Sinha.

What was the surname of actors-brothers Ashok Kumar, Anup Kumar and Kishore Kumar?

Ans. D) Ganguly

Which species of the great ape can be seen in this clip? (video plays in the background)

Sania opts for 50-50 lifeline. She answers A) Orangutan which is the wrong answer.

Ans. D) Mountain Gorilla

Sania leaves by advising the audience to never consider societal pressure while filing for divorce from domestic abuse. Amitabh then transfers Rs 10,000 to her account digitally.

Amitabh then conducts a round of Fastest Finger First by asking participants to arrange the mythological characters in the order that they came in Krishna’s life. Arpita Yadav wins the round and graces the hot-seat. Arpita, a special educator, is from Jaipur. She tells about her profession after which Amitabh directly introduces audiences to her sensitive video clip, calling it an important topic of discussion. She teaches in a school that tends to kids suffering from dyslexia. She drew motivation after her son, Nirbhay, who suffers from the same disease. Receiving negative news from doctors had broken her initially but the test reports in 2018 showed that her son was now out of the “death zone”. Amitabh salutes her will power and standing victorious in the face of it all. Arpita tells about birthing a daughter whom she lost due to another disability.

Moving forward, Amitabh explains the rules of the game to Arpita and introduces her to the expert. Arpita is accompanied to the show by her mother and two best friends. Amitabh poses his first question to her.

In which electronic device will you find brightness and contrast option?

Ans. A) TV

Which of these snacks is usually prepared by steaming?

Ans. B) Momos

According to Mahabharat, which of these characters had 100 nephews and a niece?

Ans. D) Shakuni

What is the collective name for the musical notes Sa Re Ga Ma Pa?

Ans. C) Sargam

Arpita shares the story of her son’s inclination towards music, having heard Jagjit Singh’s ghazals from her lap. Arpita introduced music in the morning routine of her students at her school. They move forward to the next set of question.

Gautam Buddha’s birthday is celebrated on which day?

Ans. D) Purnima

This is the logo of which Maharatna PSU? (Image flashes in the background)

Ans. A) Bharat Petroleum

Which of these ports is on the West coast of India?

Arpita uses audience poll which answers correctly

Ans. B) Kandla

Who is the politician speaking here? (Audio plays in the background)

Arpita uses another lifeline, 50-50.

Ans. A) Akhilesh Yadav

Who directed the movie from which this video clip is taken? (Video plays in the background)

Arpita requests to flip the question but before that chooses D) Prabha Deva which turns out to be the right answer. Arpita reveals that it has been a long time since she visited a theatre to watch a film since the audience is always impatient with her son’s behaviour. Having been thrown out of theatres, buses and a train once, Arpita is now shy to frequent such places. Amitabh offers to help her and special kids like Nirbhay by all the means that he could. He asks her to pen down her concerns in a letter and promises to work upon these issues. Flipping the question finally, Amitabh poses his next question.

Google, Yahoo and Bing fall under which category?

Ans. C) Search Engine

“Unbreakable” is the autobiography of which Olympic medalist and world champion?

Ans. D) Mary Komm

Which poet wrote these lines, “Kaise aakash mein suraakh ho nahi sakta, ek patthar toh tabiyat se ucchalo yaaro” in the ghazal, “Jo Shahtir Hai“?

Arpita asks for expert advice and Syed Ansari answers correctly.

Ans. A) Dushyant Kumar

The show ends with Arpita having won Rs 6,40,000 so far. She has exhausted all her lifelines but will continue playing in the next episode. Watch this space for more updates.