Nitin Kumar Patva is the latest contestant to take over the hot seat in tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati, hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. In the last night’s episode of KBC 11, Charna Gupta became the first contestant of the season to reach Rs 1 crore question. She, however, decided to not answer the question and left by winning Rs 50,00,000. Now, after the new Fastest Finger First round, Nitin has got the opportunity to play the game of knowledge and it will be interesting to see how far does he reach in the game tonight.

Nitin works as a shopkeeper and helps his mother run the house. He is a young man who recently completed his education and is now preparing to crack the UPSC exam and his mother has accompanied him on the show.

Nitin Kumar Patva on KBC 11 (Photo Courtesy: TV Screenshot/ Sony TV)

So before we find out how much Nitin wins tonight, here the list of the interesting and difficult questions asked by Big B in the latest episode. Check out:

What symbol is used to denote ‘like’ on Instagram?

Answer: Heart

Which festival belongs to Salman Khan’s films at Box Office? 

Answer: Eid

With respect to All India Services, which of these words does not feature in the full form of IPS?

Indian, Security, Police, Service

Answer: Security

Which symbol is used to mark good as environment-friendly?

Answer: Eco mark

Which rapper has sung the song AndhaDhun? 

Answer: Raftaar

In 2019 IPL, who had the honour of wearing the Orange Cap at the end of the tournament? 

Answer: David Warner

Flipped Question: In April 2019, Which Indian state was ravaged by the cyclone Fani?

Answer: Orissa

Who was the first IITian in the country to become the Chief Minister of any state? 

Answer: Manohar Parrikar

Which monument is known as the first mausoleum of Mughal architecture?

Answer: Humayun Tomb

What type of an animal is the Indian Flying Fox?

Answer: Bat

Nitin wins an amount of Rs 3,20,000 and leaves. Now, Hemant Goyal takes over the hot seat. Hemant is a 24-year-old CA assistant from Maharashtra. Here are the questions asked to him:

Which condition did Lord Rama fulfill to marry Sita?

Answer: Picked up Lord Shiva’s Dhanush

Which of these is the name of an Indian private sector bank

Yes, Sure, Agree, Alright

Answer: Yes Bank

Which ice cream flavour is usually pink in colour? 

Answer: Strawberry

The Vidarbha region of Maharashtra was a part of which state when it was ceded to Bombay in 1956? 

Answer: Madhya Pradesh

Who has held the position of National Security Advisor of India since 2014? 

Answer: Ajit Doval

Hemant has so far won an amount of Rs 60,000. He will continue playing the game in the next episode. Watch out this space for all the latest update on Kaun Banega Crorepati 11.