Megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11 begins the episode with roll-over contestant software engineer Khushboo Tiwari. He further introduces Dr Achyuta Samanta has worked towards giving a better life to tribal children. He will be accompanied by actor Taapsee Pannu.

Khushboo Tiwari hails from Madhya Pradesh and is currently living in Pune, Maharashtra. She is a software engineer and belongs to a joint family of twenty members. Her job is to review, analyze, modify and install programming systems for the clients. However, she is planning to work in IT Sector just for 7 to 8 years and later open a vegetarian family restaurant in Hatta or Pune. Her source of inspiration is her grandmother, who she loves the most. Her grandmother took care of her since childhood when her mother used to go to school to teach. She gives the credit of her success to mother. As a child, Khushboo used to be very mischievous and her naughtiness scared her mother as it always ended up harming her.

Check out tonight’s toughest questions:

Q. Who is the film director seen in this image? (Image displays on the LCD screen)

A. Meghna Gulzar

Q. Girish Chandra Murmu has been appointed the lieutenant governor of which Union Territory in October 2019?

A. Jammu &Kashmir

Q. Who is the playback singer of this song? (audio plays at the background)

A. Sunidhi Chauhan 

Q. Which of these chains, founded by V G Siddhartha, opened its first outlet in Bengaluru in 1996?

A. Cafe Coffee Day

Q. In 2019, who became the first-ever Indian cricketer to play 100 T20 International matches?

A. Harmanpreet Kaur

Khushboo flips the question and chooses the category Entertainment.

Q. Which film is this? (Video plays on the LCD screen)

A. Andhadhun

Q. Which of these pairs of kings and their court poets is matched incorrectly?

A. Vikramaditya-Banabhatta

Q. Which of these countries’ flag has different emblems on the obverse and reverse?

A. Paraguay

Q. In the Valmiki Ramayana, from which tree at the Ashoka Vatika did Hanuman first start speaking about Rama to Sita?


Khushboo Tiwari quits the show and takes home Rs 6,40,000. With the prize money, she would like to take her family on an all India tour and save for buying a flat in Pune.

Big B once again introduces Dr Achyuta Samanta. He is a social worker and entrepreneur, who is known as the founder of the Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS), Industrial Technology (KIIT) and Medical Sciences (KIMS). In 1992-93, Dr Achyuta Samanta started his institute with Rs 5,000 for 125 tribal children and imparted basic education to them, Then his work was appreciated by a nationalised bank, who supported his initiative by donating a lump sum amount. Big B goes on to introduce actor Taapsee Pannu, who will be helping Achyuta to win the maximum prize money.

Q. What is the user name on Twitter called?

A. Handle 

Q. With respect to vehicles, what does “Odd-Even” in Odd-Even Scheme implemented by the Delhi government refer to?

A. Registration Number 

Q. In which of these competitions or series is the form of cricket played the shortest?


Q. Which film features this song? (audio plays at the background)

A. War 

Q. What is the literal meaning of “Khumbh, as in “Kumbh Mela”?

A. Pot

Due to the efforts of Dr Achyuta, 20,000 tribal children of Odisha received proper guidance and education from KISS. They are currently working in the corporate and administrative space including the Odisha Civil, police, forest and medical services. Dr Achyuta transformed the remote village ‘Kalarabanka’ in Cuttack into a smart village by providing facilities such as an English medium school along with banks, [post office, police station, concrete roads, and dispensaries.

Q. Which of these buildings was the official residence of the first prime minister of India?

A. Teen Murti Bhawan 

Q. The Dr Abdul Kalam Island, used for testing missiles, is off the cost of which Indian state?

A. Odisha

Q. Identify the temple shown in this video? (video plays on the LCD screen)

A. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Q. In which sport have Jitu Rai, Ronjan Sodhi and Heena Sidhu represented India at International level?

A. Shooting

Q. Which word, meaning crocodile in Persian, was used for medieval Sikh warriors?

Confused, the duo opts for the 50-50 lifeline.

A. Nihag

Q. Pakyong Airport is the first airport of which state?

Confused, the two opt to ask the expert.

A. Sikkim

Q. Which king of the eastern Ganga dynasty started the construction of the great Jagannatha Temple at Puri?

A. Anantavarman Chodaganga Deva

With that, the hooter sounds for the show to end. Having answered all the questions successfully so far, Dr Achyuta Samanta carries home Rs 12,50,000 to invest in his noble cause.

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