Tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11 opens to megastar-host Amitabh Bachchan introducing contestant Jitender Singh Chauhan. Born in Mainpuri village of Uttar Pradesh, Jitender has been brought up in New Delhi. He is currently pursuing the CA course and also runs coaching classes. He teaches accounts in a coaching center and also has his own coaching classes called “Coaching for Careers” where 40-50 students study. In his video, Jitender is heard sharing his story of hard work and inhuman hours of studying. He is also heard saying that “making a girlfriend is a waste of time.” Amitabh takes him through the rules of the game before introducing him to the expert for the night.

Check out the questions asked by Amitabh to Jitender here:

In which of these can you not keep money?

Ans D) Power bank

The Dhoom film series have chase sequences involving the lead characters riding what?

Ans B) Superbike

Which of these words means ‘wealth gathered for a specific cause’?

Ans C) Nidhi

To calculate the speed of an object, what value would you require apart from the distance?

Ans A) Time

Which of these can be transferred from one person to another through “dakhil-kharij”?

Confused, Jitender opts for the audience poll helpline.

Ans D) Land

Where was the “Howdy, Modi!” event held?

Confused, Jitender opts for the 50-50 helpline

Ans B) Housten

In the Mahabharat, if Bhishma was the first Kaurava commander during the Kurushetra war, who was the last?

Ans D) Ashwatthama

Lightening up the mood, Amitabh points out to the statement made by Jitender in his video where he said, “Making a girlfriend is a waste of time.” Pulling his leg, Amitabh asks him why he said that as it was a disrespect to the women watching the show. Jitender says that he will consider changing his opinion now that the megastar has pointed out. Jitender asks Big B if the scene from his movie Sooryavansham where he sings and puts a baby to sleep has helped him in real life. Amitabh asks him in jest why he was so interested in babies when he had no soft corner for women. Jitender tells him that he had tried the trick with someone’s baby but had failed and ended up whistling. This is enough to crack up the audience after which Amitabh continues the quiz game.

Who is the playback singer for this song (audio plays in the background)?

Ans B) Adnan Sami

Padma Bhushan awardee Mahashay Dharmpal Gulati is associated with which company?

Ans B) MDH

Who holds the record for the highest individual score by an Indian player in IPL?

Confused, Jitender opts to ask the expert.

Ans A) Rishabh Pant

With that, Jitender lands with a cheque of Rs 3,25,000 having answered all the answers correctly so far. Well done Jitender. Way to go!

Which former Prime Minister said, “History will be kinder to me than contemporary media…”?

Confused, Jitender chooses to use up his last lifeline and opts to flip the question but before leaving, answers A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee which is wrong. The correct answer is D) Dr Manmohan Singh

Which country’s largest SUV and pickup truck manufacturer is Great Wall Motor Company Limited?

Jitender answers B) South Korea which is wrong. The correct answer is A) China. Amitabh digitally transfers Rs 3,25,000 into Jitender’s account before clicking a selfie with him.

Moving on, Big B conducts a round of Fastest Finger First by asking the contestants to arrange the steps in order of preparing a gulab jamun. Prerna, an entrepreneur from Rajasthan wins the round to grace the hotseat. Introducing her with the expert for the night, Amitabh begins the quiz game with Prerna.

Here are the questions Amitabh

According to an idiom, sprinkling salt on which of these means to “make an unhappy person more unhappy”?

Ans D) Jaley

What does the L in CFL bulb stand for?

Confused, Prerna chooses to opt for the audience poll helpline.

Ans A) Lamp

The hooter for the show to end sounds which means that Prerna will continue playing in Wednesday’s episode.

Watch this space for the latest updates on KBC 11!