Host Amitabh Bachchan begins tonight’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 11, by briefly introducing the 10 contestants competing for the Fastest Finger First round. He conducts the Fastest Finger First round for today’s episode by asking the 10 contestants to arrange the order of the planets in our solar system and Himanshu Dhuriya wins the round to grace the hot seat.

Answering in 2.42 seconds, 19-year-old Himanshu creates history by being the fastest one to answer a question on the show this season. A commercial pilot from Raebareli, Amitabh introduces audiences to Himanshu’s journey through a video. Amazed by his achievements, a curious Amitabh enquires more about Himanshu’s profession, having a similar fondness for aircraft in his childhood.

Explaining the rules of the game, as customary, Amitabh introduces the expert for this episode, Meenakshi Kandwal before posing his first question to Himanshu. Himanshu is accompanied by his maternal grandmother and best friends.

Here are the questions Amitabh asks Himanshu:

What’s the missing word in the idiom “Khayali _ Pakana”?

Confused, Himanshu opts for audience poll lifeline.

Ans. C) Pulao

Which part of the automobile are the terms “tubless” and “radial” connected with?

Ans B) Tyres

During which festival are these dishes served? (Images of gujiya and thandai flash in the backdrop)
Ans B) Holi

Who is the singer of this song? (Maahi Ve from Kesari plays in the backdrop)?

Ans C) Arijit Singh

Which of the two states border the city of Delhi?

Ans A) Haryana and Uttar Pradesh

With this, Himanshu clears the first quarter successfully which means that he will now get 60-seconds to answer the next set of questions.

In which eye condition is a person able to see objects clearly at a distance but unable to see them at close quarters?

Ans D) Hypermetropia

What is Libra, proposed by Facebook?

Ans D) Cryptocurrency

The birthplace of which Sikh guru is commemorated at Takht Sri Patna Sahib?

Himanshu opts for 50-50 lifeline.

Ans A) Guru Gobind Singh

“Six Machine: I don’t like cricket, I love it is the autobiography of which cricketer known for his explosive batting?

Himanshu opts for flip the question but before dropping it, he chooses to answer C) Yuvraj Singh which turns out to be wrong. The correct answer is Chris Gayle.

Which river runs westward during the major part of their course within India?

Ans B) Brahmaputra

What is the name of the helicopter shown in this photograph? (Image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans A) Boing Chinook

Amitabh signs a cheque of Rs 3,20,000 after Himanshu answers all 10 questions correctly. Well done Himanshu! After trolling him on his love life and lightening up the mood, Amitabh poses his next question.

Which Union cabinet minister has not served as chief minister of any state?

Ans D) Dr Harshvardhan

In the legendary love story of Sohni-Mahiwal, which river did Sohni cross to meet her lover?

Himanshu uses his last lifeline and asks the expert.

Ans C) Chenab

Which team has the most number of Men’s Hockey World Cup title wins?

Ans B) Pakistan

Himanshu wins Rs 25 lakh.

In 2019, which telescope captured the first-ever Black Hole image?

Ans B) Event Horizon Telescope

Himanshu wins Rs 50 lakh! Before they could proceed to the next question, the buzzer sounds for the episode to end. As a result, Himanshu will continue playing in Tuesday’s episode which will start with the question for one crore rupees. Watch this space for more updates!