Kumkum Bhagya Update: Abhi’s family gets to know that Kiara is Pragya-Abhi’s daughter. Everyone in the family expresses happiness. Disha then informs everyone that Pragya isn’t married to King and Abhi wants to re-marry her. Meanwhile, Abhi tricks Pragya into taking wedding vows with him but she stops at the mandap and refuses to go ahead. She tells him that one doesn’t need to take vows around the fire if the two souls are already united. A furious Pragya then goes away. She then gets emotional wondering that she and Abhi can never get back into a relationship. Abhi, on the other hand, wonders that he should have directly asked Pragya for getting married to him instead of tricking her to take the pheras.


Tanu calls Nikhil and expresses her disappointment with Abhi’s behaviour. He tells her that she will never be able to get Abhi’s love as he loves Pragya. Tanu then tells him she’ll once again try to kill Pragya because Abhi has said he will get married to Pragya today. She mixes poison in a drink and plans to give it to Pragya. Aaliya sees that and slams her for being foolish by killing Pragya in front of all with her kiddish plan. Tanu doesn’t listen to her and leaves with the drink.

Tanu and Aaliya wait for Pragya to have the drink. But, they feel shocked seeing Abhi picking the drink that’s meant for Pragya. However, Abhi picks up another drink later. The waiter takes the drink to Pragya. She takes the glass but just when she’s about to take a sip, Disha comes to her and requests her to exchange her blue drink with her orange drink. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kumkum Bhagya!