King rams his car into Tanu’s car. She shouts at him for causing damage to her car. King tells her that he’s there to see his daughter who has met with an accident. Tanu lets him leave. The doctor informs Purab and his wife that Kiara is out of danger and they can meet her. Disha takes a lady doctor’s help in getting Kiara’s DNA tested secretly. The doctor asks her to bring Kiara’s saliva or nail for diagnosis.

Abhi is smiling knowing Kiara is out of danger now. Purab and his wife become successful in taking Kiara’s saliva and hair for the DNA test. As Pragya moves to see Kiara, Abhi tries to stop her by playing hide & seek. Meanwhile, King enters and asks Pragya to take him to Kiara. Abhi feels jealous. Tanu stops Abhi and tells her she’s here to see Kiara. Abhi asks her to do her own work and not show fake sympathy for Kiara.

King confronts Pragya about why she didn’t inform him about Kiara’s accident before. He tells her to be specific if she doesn’t want him to be around Kiara and not look after her in need. Pragya apologises for not informing him before and assures him that Kiara is his daughter. He expresses his disappointment over not being able to be with Kiara despite the kind of close bond they share as father-daughter.

King puts his hand on Pragya’s shoulder while expressing he has been under a lot of stress due to the accident. He then sees Abhi walking towards them. He stares at him and asks him if there’s something he wants to tell him. Abhi asks him to leave Pragya and the two are left shocked.

The pre-cap of the next episode shows Abhi and King in a confrontational argument in which the latter asks the former to leave the hospital now that he is there to take care of Pragya and her daughter. Abhi refuses to leave. Meanwhile, Purab and Disha are shocked to see Tanu at the hospital. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kumkum Bhagya!