Kumkum Bhagya latest updates: King asks Aaliya why has she been crying. She tells him that he won’t understand as he must have never got his heart broken. She calls herself a fool and then tells King that she fell in love with someone but little did she know her life won’t be beautiful in love. She confesses that she has done a lot of wrong things to get her love, Purab, but all went in vain and now, it upsets her everytime she finds Purab with Disha. She then says she is ready to suffer all her life if Purab is happy with Disha. She expresses her frustration. King consoles her. She tells him that he will only understand how much it hurts when someone will break his heart. Aaliya says she’s a girl who just wants to be loved. King hugs her and his mother looks at them wondering the world is so strange in which a husband spends time with someone else than his wife.

Tanu keeps wondering if Abhi gets to know that King and Pragya aren’t married, he will throw her out of his life and bring Pragya back home. Meanwhile, the man sent by Tanu is behind the lady doctor who has been doing the DNA test for Abhi and Kiara. Pragya takes Abhi to his room, doesn’t realising he’s faking being drunk. Abhi asks Pragya why she’s scared to come back in his life. He holds her hand and asks her to stay close. She tries to leave fearing someone will see them together. Abhi doesn’t let her move.


The doctor realises she’s been followed by an unknown car. Her car rams into another car and she gets injured. The man gets out of the car and asks the doctor about the Abhi’s test reports. She tells him that it’s Abhi and Kiara’s DNA Test reports. He thanks her and leaves.

Pragya fixes up Abhi’s outfit and the two share an intimate moment. She then runs out of the room. Abhi follows her and accidentally tears her dress a bit. Pragya feels uncomfortable. He then tells her he’ll fix everything and the two go to his room. Abhi tries to put the thread in a needle. Pragya tells him she’ll fix her dress by herself and he should just hand over the thread-needle to him.

Tanu cries in her room recalling how she saw Abhi and Pragya hugging each other. She then promises herself that she will kick Pragya out of Abhi’s life come what may. The pre-cap of the next episode shows Tanu asking the man to kill Pragya if he wants her to be with him. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Kumkum Bhagya!