Today’s episode of Kumkum Bhagya starts with Abhi coming back home and falling due to overconsumption of alcohol. Disha runs to help him get up, chiding him for drinking more than he can handle. Under the effect of alcohol, Abhi talks nonsense and mutters things like Pragya’s love gives happiness at first but turns unbearable later. On this, Disha asks Abhi whether he met Pragya and escorts him to his room.

On the other hand, King is pondering over Abhi and Pragya’s relationship when the ringing of the doorbell breaks his thinking process. Just when King decides to approach Pragya for marriage, Pragya enters saying that she was caught in traffic jam. King begins to propose Pragya for marriage when they are interrupted midway by Neha who just then walks in and Pragya reveals that they had gone shopping since she had still not managed to get the bridal wear. After this, both go inside.

At Abhi’s house, Disha asks him the reason behind drinking over his capacity to which a jilted Abhi says that he wants to live with Pragya and when she is not with him, he wants to commit suicide and die. Calling his hopes dangerous, Abhi reveals that since there is no remedy for his misery, he went to alcohol for rescue. When Abhi says that his heart and mind were at a war which he wants to end, Disha asks if anyone had said anything to him. Abhi tells that Pragya is going to marry King and bitterly wonders from where did that “joker” enter their lives. He shares how King had asked him to stay away from Pragya and Kiara and questions how King could put forth such a demand when he knows that Pragya is not his wife and Kiara is not his daughter. Not knowing what to do, Abhi breaks into tears and says that God has punished him thus, for not believing in Him. Seeing him cry, a torn Disha also breaks into tears. Abhi talks to Pragya’s pic and cries further.

Back in King’s house, Pragya assures Neha that chachi will hand over the shagun herself but when chachi hears Neha coming, she pretends to sleep. King, however, decides to wake chachi up as the ritual is important. They see her reflection in the mirror and realises that she is already awake but when King calls her, Pragya says that she will wake up in some time. Threatening to pour cold water on her, King starts the countdown when chachi hurriedly gets up, asking him not to throw water. She then asks Neha why she was there to which Neha answers that she had come to take the bridal clothes. Chachi hands over the clothes to her and says Tarun will make her wear the mangalsutra the next day. Saying this, she hands it over to Pragya, asking her to keep it safely. Pragya admires the mangalsutra and her thoughts lead her to Abhi. King breaks her daydreaming by asking if she liked it to which Pragya replies in the affirmative. King clicks the mangalsutra’s picture and goes.

On the other side, Abhi expresses his wish to see Kiara calling him Papa but is instantly reminded that both Pragya and Kiara will not return to him and that he will be all alone. Abhi says that King feels that Tanu is Abhi’s wife hence, he has no rights on Pragya. Abhi indignantly calls it no joke, saying it was the sacred relation of kumkum bhagya and questions King’s proposal to marry Pragya, calling it a halwa. When Disha asks him if he intends to marry Pragya, Abhi says that King is already going to do that. Disha tells Abhi that they are already married and that he should not be worried as Pragya has not yet confirmed to him, her marriage intentions with King hence, until Pragya is ready for marriage, King can’t force her. Disha encourages Abhi to marry Pragya and then reveal their bond to King who will then understand that he cannot do anything but she gets frustrated when she realises that Abhi is not listening to her given his drunk state.

Chachi, on the other hand, reveals to Tarun that whoever marries in that family gets mad hence, she wants him to not marry Neha. Chachi also expresses her suspicion at what she saw cooking between Abhi and Pragya and King and Aaliya. Tarun finds nothing wrong in that and goes away. Meanwhile, Disha tries her best to make Abhi agree into marrying Pragya when Abhi asks her if she has asked Pragya about the same.

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