Kumkum Bhagya‘s latest plot isn’t able to gauge the audience’s love like before. The ardent viewers of the show have been complaining about the decreasing level of romance between Abhi and Pragya. And seems like the makers have finally heard them.

In an upcoming episode on the show, the two will be seen sharing a kiss. But, before you do your maths, let us tell you that it’s not entirely what you’re thinking about! Abhi and Pragya will share a kiss but the circumstances aren’t going to be romantic. The two will be seen locked inside a storeroom and Pragya will faint out of suffocation. Seeing this, a freaked out Abhi will kiss Pragya to bring her back to senses.

Later, we will see King coming into the picture and taking Pragya home. On the other hand, Poor Abhi has nothing to do but to feel helpless on seeing King taking the love of his life away from him.


Meanwhile, Abhi isn’t aware that Kiara is his daughter. Neither has the girl told Abhi that she is his and Pragya’s daughter. This has also irked fans a bit. Apart from having less romantic scenes on the show, this unnecessary wait in keeping Abhi unaware of his daughter’s existence is also a headache for the show’s followers.

Seems like little Abhi-Pragya moment in the storehouse will come as a relief for the fans.