Vishaka accuses Bela of playing politics in the house. She claims that she and Mahir were always in love but Bela took her love away and also kept her relationship with Vishaka’s husband, Yuvraj. She also claims that she’s pregnant with Mahir’s child. Bela wonders why has Vishaka suddenly gone against her. Mahir refuses to believe Vishaka. Bela also shouts at her and tells everyone that there’s no relationship between her and Yuvraj, and even between Vishaka and Mahir.

Sumitra then recalls how she asked Vikrant to make Bela feel embarrassed in front of everyone by claiming that he has an affair with her. Vikrant, disguised as Yuvi, shows everyone the proof of his relationship with Bela. He shows everyone his happy photos with Bela, that he clicked last night while Bela was unconscious. Vishaka uses the photos to make Mahir believe that he has done nothing wrong in having an affair with her because his wife, Bela is cheating on him.

Bela meets Vishaka alone and asks her what she has been upto. Vishaka tries to go away but Bela doesn’t let her leave. Vishaka recalls that Vikrant had told her someone in the house will always keeping an eye on her and therefore, she should be careful with her words. She sees a shadow outside the room and therefore, lies to Bela that she is actually in love with Mahir and she should leave them alone. Bela refuses to believe her. Vishaka asks her to get her married to Mahir because she has planned to snatch away her husband from her.

Mahir refuses to have food and take his medicine. His mother enters his room and tries to instigate him against Bela. She tells him that she has seen Bela spending nights with Yuvi, making fool of everyone in the family. She tells him that Bela never loved him and it’s high time he should realise it. Mahir wonders how could the woman he loved so dearly cheat on him. He recalls all the romantic moments spent with Bela. Sumitra then asks Mahir to leave Bela and break his marriage with her. Mahir looks confused.

The police arrive at the mansion and inform everyone that they haven’t been able to find any clue about Archie’s murderer. Bela and Sumitra have a conversation in which the latter threatens the former. Mahir’s mother tells Bela that she has successfully planned to make everyone in the family go against her. Bela challenges her to make her plan a success.

A doctor visits Mahir. Everyone blames Bela for Mahir’s ill health. Andy and Sumitra discuss how Bela has ditched everyone. A disappointed Bela shouts at everyone and claims that she will reveal the truth. She says that she will find a way to have Mahir back on her own. Mahir enters the room and asks Vishaka to give him medicines, thereby indicating that he has decided to stay away from Bela. The pre-cap of the upcoming episode shows Mahir and Vishaka getting ready for their marriage as Bela tries hard to make Mahir believe that they always love each other and he shouldn’t go ahead with marrying Vishaka. Watch out this space for all the latest updates on Naagin 3!