Naagin 3: Vikrant tells Bela that Mahir is behind everything going wrong in their lives. Just when Mahir comes in, Vikrant turns into Yuvi. Mahir tells Bela that he has now seen everything. He turns around and leaves hurt. Vikrant warns Bela against Mahir. Kuhu takes away Anu’s jewellery from Vishaka. Bela confronts Vishaka about her whereabouts. She asks her why isn’t she happy to see Vikrant coming back into her life. Vishaka asks her why is she hesitating to kill Mahir. Bela tells her that Mahir is innocent and he hasn’t done anything, therefore, there’s no question of a revenge. Vishaka reveals that Ajitabh is dead and a watch has been found near his body, which belongs to Mahir. Bela refuses to believe her. She says a mere watch can’t make her believe that Mahir is the mastermind of everything. Bela leaves the conversation and Vikrant tells Vishaka that she did a good job by instigating Bela against Mahir.

Bela goes to her room and hugs Mahir. She stops her and tells her to go back to Yuvi because she’s getting married to him. He tells her that he can no longer be treated as a door-mat. Bela, meanwhile, continues to think about what Vishaka told her about Mahir. Bela calls out her dead mother for help. Bela’s mother visits her in a dream. Only when she’s going to tell her that Vikrant killed her and not Mahir, Vikrant enters the room and she wakes up. Bela tells him that her mother wanted to warn her against something very important. Vikrant freaks out and then manipulates what Nagraani told Bela. He tells her that her mother said ‘the one who you trust the most will betray you’, which means she’s warning her against Mahir, and she wants to tell her that Mahir is the culprit.

Vishaka asks Mahir about his health and he asks her if she is hitting back on him. She tells him that she’s misunderstanding her and asks him to join her for an outing with friends instead. Mahir goes on a walk around the sea and keeps thinking about what Vishaka told him. Meanwhile, Vikrant tells Vishaka that he thinks Bela’s mother isn’t dead yet because she visited Bela in her dream to warn her against them.

Mahir asks Bela to go on a dinner date with him. Vikrant and Vishaka listen to their conversation in shock. Bela gets ready to go out and only when Mahir is going to knock at her door, Yuvi also knocks. The two get into an argument while Mahir asks him to back off. Bela asks Yuvi to go away as she is going out with Mahir. Mahir gifts Bela a mirror and tells her that her smile is her best accessory and she should always wear it.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV

Photo Courtesy: Twitter/ @ColorsTV

Vishaka and Vikrant think of a plan to spoil Bela-Mahir’s date. The couple then finds out that Mahir’s mother and sister want to accompany them thinking they are going out to buy Maa Durga’s idol for Navratri. The four of them go out and bring the idol to home. Meanwhile, Bela’s mother keeps waiting for her to sleep so that she can visit her in a dream and let her know about Vikrant and Vishaka’s truth. Vishaka, on the other hand, plans to not let Nagrani meet Bela in her dream.

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