Naagin 3 Update: Rajat Tokas enters the show as Naagraj aka Vikrant. He disguises himself as Yuvi and comes to meet Bela (Surbhi Jyoti). She doubts that the man is Yuvi and asks him some questions. Later, she gets to know that the guy is not Yuvi but someone else. In the parallel track, Vishaka can be seen stuck with a forest inspector named Ajitabh.

Bela tells Yuvi that he always loved him and never wanted to get close to Mahir. She then realises that she hasn’t told this to Yuvi but to Mahir himself. The man feels awful over Bela’s confession and tells her that she never deserved to be loved by him. As he comes out from the room, he turns into Naagraj.

In the parallel story, Ajitabh locks Vish in prison and an upset Mahir, who saw Bela with Yuvi, gets drunk in the forest. Yuvi asks Andy and his wife to finalise Mahir’s divorce proceedings with Bela but gets it back from them, who tell him that all this should be discussed with Bela and Mahir first.

Photo Courtesy: Twitter-@ColorsTV

Photo Courtesy: Twitter-@ColorsTV


In the next scene, Bela realises that the person who she thought of as Mahir is actually someone else. Meanwhile, Mahir falls off a cliff accidentally. Andy and his wife hurry up to save their son but when Bela tries to leave, Yuvi (Naagraj) tells her not to leave and let Mahir die. As Bela transforms into her real Naagin look, Yuvi also transforms into his real look. He transforms into Naagraj aka Vikrant, Bela’s ex-lover. Only when Mahir closes his eyes thinking he’s going to die, Bela’s dupatta comes to his rescue.

Vikrant tells Bela that he has come back to take revenge from those who killed him. He also tells her that he still loves her very much. He asks her to support her in killing everyone. He comes close to her, asks her to close her eyes and think of all the moments they had spent together. Bela closes her eyes and recalls the moments she has spent with Mahir instead.

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