Actor Nalini Negi, who is popular for her performance in TV show Naamkaran recently opened up on the physical assault she faced at the hands of her roommate and her mother. After lodging a police complaint against the two, the actor talked to the media and revealed her face was scratched and a glass was thrown at her. Nalini showed her bruises to the police and also demanded compensation for losing out on projects due to her bruised face.

In her latest interview with Pinkvilla, Nalini explained her ordeal. She said everything was fine in the beginning until she asked her roommate to vacate the room. Nalini said her roommate Preeti Rana beat her up with her mother out of ‘jealousy and vengeance.’ The actor added that when her mother threw a glass at her, she went unconscious and couldn’t understand what was happening for a while. She realised only when the dup started hitting her and scratching her face.

“The incident happened on Wednesday in the evening and it was a normal day. I told her to vacate the house, we were not on talking terms. My friend had come and my roommate’s mother had come. It was a normal day for me, suddenly her mother verbally started abusing me and saying things about my character. The more I tried to ask her to control her pitch, she continued to be louder. I saw her this side for the first time. Then her mother called my roommate immediately and she came in a minute. Then I realised that it might have been their plan to do something like this out of jealousy and vengeance. ‘How can I ask them to vacate the house?’ they perhaps thought,” Nalini explained.

She went on to add, “Her mother threw a glass on me, I went unconscious. Till the time I could understand what happened, the mother and daughter duo started hitting me, scratching my face. My friend who was there was also shocked.”

The actor has now filed an FIR and is waiting for the case to go to court. “I am in fact mulling over asking for compensation because I have lost on a few projects in the week. I was supposed to be giving a few shoots lined up. I am not going to leave them without teaching them a lesson,” she said.