Ex-couple Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh have emerged as one of the most discussed jodis on Nach Baliye 9. While they are impressing all with their performances on the stage, their off-screen chemistry has generated the maximum controversy on the show. Now, after it was reported that Vishal behaved rudely with Raveena Tandon who’s one of the judges on Nach Baliye 9, his dance partner Madhurima has opened up on his appearance on the show.

In her interaction with Bombay Times, Madhurima spoke about her chemistry with her ex-boyfriend and how he hasn’t changed at all. The Chandrakanta actor said that he has been behaving unexpectedly ‘cruel’ to her and she never thought he would react to situations in such a harsh manner. Talking about Vishal disrespecting Raveena, Madhurima revealed that he doesn’t sometime realise how he interrupts Raveena’s conversations. The actor was quoted saying, “He has always been a little loud, but I wasn’t expecting him to bare our private life in front of the whole country. I understand we are exes, but he can’t say just anything to me. Vishal still doesn’t know how to behave with people. When Raveena ma’am says something, there have been times, without realising that she is our judge and an experienced person, he cuts into her conversations to prove his point.”

Vishal, on the other hand, maintained that he is honest on the show and speaks what he feels is right. The Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala actor went on to say that he has joined the show as a thorough professional and no one should see it as a platform where he is expected to sort out his differences with his ex-girlfriend. Vishal said, “I speak out whatever is in my heart. If Raveena ma’am tells me to hug Madhurima, I can’t. Madhurima should also agree. Does she want to talk? Did she let go off her ego? It all depends on her.”

Vishal further said that it’s not necessary for all the ex-partners to remain friendly with each other after their breakup and that’s exactly why he and Madhurima can never be friends. “And also we are exes, why do people want us to patch up? We have separated for a reason. It’s not necessary to be friendly like other exes. We can’t. Even I stay on friendly terms, I’ll get hurt,” he said.

Speculations were also rife that Vishal has been threatening to leave the show considering all the negative image he has been given in front of the audience. Madhurima said in the same interview that Vishal threatens by saying so but he is not going to quit the show. Vishal also confirmed that he is not leaving the show and will win it.