Actor-host Amitabh Bachchan helps the rollover contestant from Thursday’s episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 11, Jahida Riyaz Hundekar onto the hot seat. Amitabh takes the audience through Jahida’s brief video. She is a 54-year-old LIC agent and a restaurant proprietor from a small town- Indi in Karnataka. She is also a social influencer and motivates people of her town to educate their children. She did a course on Entrepreneurship Development and later opened a small grocery shop in her house by selling rice, pulse, oil and similar stuffs. When she got a good response from her customers and in-laws, she set up a full-fledged shop. She also went on to open a restaurant after her father-in-law broke his leg and their finances suffered. Not only this, Jahida also helps the women of her town through rural childcare centre in India, Anganwadi.

Jahida is accompanied on the show by her husband. Reiterating the rules of the game to Jahida, Amitabh introduces her to the expert of the day, Saurabh Dwivedi. He then poses his first question to her.

Here are the questions  Amitabh asks Jahida: 

On which food item are you most likely to find “chaandi ka warq”?

Ans A) Kaju Katli

With which words does the proverb “… Khatra-e-jaan” begin?

Confused, Jahida opts for audience poll.

Ans A) Neem haqim

If a wad made up of Rs 5,010, how many 10 rupees notes are there?

Ans B) 501

Lakshman Bhog, Malihabadi, Appemidi, Banganapalle, Marathwada and Gir Kesar are varities of which fruit?

Ans D) Mango

In which film did this song originally feature? (audio plays in the backdrop)

Ans B) Muqaddar ka Sikander

Jahida reveals how big a fan she has been of Big B all her life. From writing letters to him after he suffered the injury on Coolie’s sets to sending him rakhis on Rakshabandhan, Jahida shares how Amitabh had even written back to her and she shows him the same as she had carried the proof on the show. Jahida has now completed the first quarter which means that she will now get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds to answer the next of questions. Amitabh poses his next set of questions.

Who was the first CEO of Infosys?

Ans A) Narayan Murti

According to a law in India, up to how many years of imprisonment can a Muslim husband face for pronouncing ‘triple talaq’ on his wife?

Ans B) 3 years

Which music instrument does the maestro shown in the image play? (image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans B) Sarod

Vijaya and Pursarla Venkata Ramana, both former volleyball players are parents of which of these Indian Olympians?

Ans D) PV Sindhu

The epic ballad “Prithviraj Raso” describes Prithviraj Chauhan’s battle against which foe?

Jahida answers C) Mahmud of Ghazni which is wrong. The correct answer was B) Mohd. Ghori which drops her to Rs 10,000 instantly. Amitabh transfers the amount digitally to her account before clicking a selfie with her.

Amitabh then takes the audience through the map of India which pops up digitally and is smeared with red blots. These red blots show the places that will suffer from groundwater depletion in near future. He then welcomes KBC Karamveer Amla Ruia whose efforts have yielded great results and improved the conditions in many drought-hit regions. Gracing the hot seat, Amla narrates a poem she had written on Amitabh and leaves him totally smitten by it. In another video that Amitabh shows, a couple of kids are seen telling the camera what they would do if they had only one glass of water. Amla then gives a detailed insight into her job of conserving water in rural areas.

Amitabh then welcomes actor Randeep Hooda onto the show for working in the similar sector. Praising Randeep’s acting skills, Amitabh urges the Bollywood hunk to throw light on the struggles he underwent for his role in the movie Sarbjit. Randeep goes on to tell about the work he undertook as a part of the Khalsa aide.

The megastar then takes the duo through the rules of the game and introduces them to the expert for the night.

According to a song from the film Mohra, which of these refers to the ‘dheere dheere barasna’?

Ans C) Tip Tip

Which beverage is the word “filter” most associated with?

Ans D) Coffee

Which feature on Instagram lets users post photos and video that vanish after 24-hours?

Ans A) Stories

Amitabh takes the audience through a video which throws light on Amla’s struggles of conserving water in the village. Amla shares how no one wanted to get their daughters or sisters married to the people of that village since the women there spent their entire lives merely in fetching water. Amla’s efforts of building check dams in the village soon changed the face of the village for good and the audience could not stop accolading her move. Randeep shares how instead of being dominated by colonisation and following the western culture, if we went back to our own ancient ways and techniques, we will thrive more easily. Hailing that piece of advice, Amitabh poses his next set of questions.

What name means precious stones or ratna?

Ans B) Jawahar

Which movie was directed by Mani Ratnam?

Ans D) Bombay

With this, Amla and Randeep clear the first quarter successfully which means that they will now get 60 seconds instead of 45 seconds for the next set of questions.

Rings, uneven bars and parallel bars are all part of which Olympics sport?

Ans A) Gymnastics

In ancient India which yajna involved a horse set to wander freely to decide the sovereignty of a king?

Ans D) Ashwamedh

The question prompts Amitabh to ask Randeep about his interest in horseriding and the young actor goes on to reveal that he had recently won a medal in the same, of which he was more proud than any other achievement of his.

In which country will you find this statue of Jesus Christ? (image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans C) Brazil

Identify this bird which is the state bird of Haryana (image flashes in the backdrop)

Ans B) Black Francolin

Sujalam Sufalam Jal Sanchay Abhiyan is water conservation scheme of which state?

Ans D) Gujarat

Amla and Randeep win Rs 3,20,000 and get a signed cheque from Amitabh. A short video plays in the backdrop where little kids point out simple ways to save water. Amla shares how the dam built in Bihar was not only beneficial to one village but to 20 surrounding villages. Col Shashikant Dalvi explains how rainwater harvesting can help with the water crisis. He answers Randeep’s question of how the same can be done in an old skyscraper and make the colony tanker free. Amitabh then poses his next set of questions.

Which movie character did not earn its portrayer a National Film Award for Best Actor?

Ans D) Mahavir Singh Phogat

Which former or present minister of law and justice was never elected as a member of the Lok Sabha?

Confused, Amla and Randeep opt for audience poll lifeline.

Ans C) Arun Jaitely

With this, the duo easily wins Rs 12,50,000 with 3 lifelines yet to be used.

Which mass movement in India began with the famous Dandi March of Mahatma Gandhi in 1930?

Much to Randeep’s dissuasion, Amla opts for the 50-50 lifeline.

Ans C) Civil Obedience

The buzzer sounds for the show to end and with that Amla and Randeep carry back a hefty Rs 25,00,000. Well played!

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