Mahi tells Waseem that she is planning to take her mother out for a few days which will be a good change for her in terms of health. Waseem then tells Mahi that she could consider going to Mussoorie and stay in Siddiqui house only. Zoya goes to the hospital and asks for Pooja’s pregnancy reports from Dr Inaayat. The doctor refuses to give the report by stating that patients’ reports are strictly confidential. Zoya pleads but Dr Inaayat decides to follow the rules.

Zoya feels that she cannot give up easily because Pooja’s pregnancy report was the only proof that she could use in the court to prove Yash’s and Pooja’s true love for each other. Zoya stays in the hospital for the whole night. The next morning, Zoya’s parents come to the hospital to see Zoya. Zoya tells her parents that she would not leave until she gets Pooja’s report. On seeing Zoya’s helplessness, Siddique pleads to Dr. Inaayat for Pooja’s report and he then finally gives the report to Zoya.

Zoya shows Pooja’s pregnancy report to Yash’s mother. Yash’s mother gets shocked to know that Yash was Pooja’s child’s father. Zoya then tells Waseem that she was going to meet Aditya to inform him about Pooja’s report listening to which Waseem tells Zoya that she was doing a silly thing by informing Aditya about it as the report was an evidence that was supposed to be used in the court against the Hoodas. Zoya tells Waseem that her motive was not to go against Aditya or hurt him but to prove Yash’s and Pooja’s relationship and Yash’s innocence.

Zoya goes to the Hooda house to meet Aditya and shows him the report. Aditya is shocked to see the reports. Zoya tries consoling him saying that Aditya and Zoya were never a good husband and a good wife. It was very difficult for Aditya to accept Pooja’s pregnancy. He asks Zoya to leave. He then recalls his memories with Pooja which hit him emotionally.