Zoya goes to meet Dr Inaayat in the hospital. She requests him to give her statements in the court to which Dr Inaayat agrees. Suddenly the police along with Harshvardhan come to take Dr Inaayat to the police station. Harshvardhan reasons out that Dr Inaayat has been charged for character assassination as she exposed Pooja’s pregnancy report. Zoya then talks with Aditya and tells him that he didn’t do right by putting false allegation on Dr Inaayat. She further says that she showed a nice gesture by giving Pooja’s pregnancy report to him so that he gets to know about it beforehand but still he betrayed her.

Aditya tells Zoya that Pooja’s pregnancy report was a scandal. He further said that if Zoya was interested in telling everybody that Yash was Pooja’s child father, then she must go ahead with it but Aditya also asked her not to bother him. Aditya further made clear to Zoya that he was a perfect husband and so Pooja was the one who cheated on him. Aditya then tears up Pooja’s pregnancy report. Zoya goes back home and recalls Aditya’s words and all the incidents that took place in the hospital. Zoya’s mother then requests Waseem to get Inaayat out of the jail. Zoya then says that she will withdraw the case because she cannot let others suffer because of her.

Anjana asks Harshvardhan about his conversation with the Siddiquis in the hospital. Harshvardhan further tells Anjana that Zoya has decided to take back the case, and go back to Mussoorie. Aditya goes to a bar and recalls Zoya’s words about Pooja and Yash. Aditya visualises Pooja and Yash, while Pooja tells him that she never loved Aditya and she realised the true meaning of love after meeting Yash.

Arjun tells Sakshi that Zoya had withdrawn the case and is leaving for Mussoorie. On hearing this, Sakshi says that she cannot let that happen because she didn’t want Zoya to suffer without being at fault. Aditya was drunk and was driving back home. The police while patrolling, stop his car and discover that he was drunk. The police take him to the police station while one of the police officers realise that he was Harshvardhan’s son and so calls Harshvardhan and informs about Aditya. On the other side Zoya is leaving for Mussoorie but Sakshi comes and stops her.