Harshvardhan Hooda is extremely impatient and filled with anger waiting to meet Aditya since Rajvir was taking too long to let Harshvardhan meet Aditya. Arjun then pleads the police inspector to let him meet Aditya listening following which he allows him to do so. Zoya’s parents also reach the police station and inquire about Zoya. Rajvir enters and tauntingly introduces the two families. Noor was amazed to know that Arjun was Aditya’s brother.

Mahi expresses her false sympathy with the employees of the Zosh Company saying that she felt really bad on knowing that the company has been shut leaving the employees jobless. Mahi further advises the employees not to defend or speak in favour of Zoya and Aditya, if the police inquired about them. But considering Zoya’s and Aditya’s hard work and dedication in building up the company, employees refused to speak against them and rather decided to support them.

Mr Hooda and family meet Aditya and were surprised to see Aditya in bruises. On the other side, Zoya’s parents were also in tears when they saw Zoya in a miserable condition. Zoya apologizes to her father. Her father accepts Zoya’s apology with love and promises to stand by her. Aditya asks Mr Hooda that to save him and Zoya by proving them to be innocent. Mr. Hooda promises to do so and expresses his love. Rajvir reaches Mahi’s place and tries to convince Mahi’s mother in speaking against Zoya and Aditya and was successful in doing so.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)