While Rajvir arrests Zoya and Aditya, Anjana pleads Rajvir not to do so. Rajvir suddenly pushes her aside and seeing such an act of Rajvir, Aditya gives him a punch on his face. Rajvir stars boiling with anger and threatens Aditya. Mr Hooda manages the situation and stops Rajvir from taking any serious action. Rajvir orders the police to arrest Zoya and Aditya. The police then take them to the police station and put them in jail.

Aditya asks for a phone from Rajvir to call Mr Hooda. Rajvir refuses to do so and tortures and hits Aditya. Aditya being a lawyer’s son tells Rajvir that if he hits him then he will be accused of custodial violence. Rajvir then plays a clever game and calls a few men and women in the jail and ask them to torture and beat Zoya and Aditya. Rajvir laughs and enjoys Zoya and Aditya’s situation while they were being mistreated. Zoya feels miserable on seeing Aditya being continuously hit.

Mr Hooda, as Aditya’s lawyer, with Anjana and Arjun, reach the jail and asked the police to let him meet Aditya. Rajvir orders to get those men and women out of the jail. Zoya starts to feel breathless and uncomfortable. Aditya consoles her and asks her to cheer up, encouraging her to strongly face the situation.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)