In yesterday’s episode of Bepannah, Zoya and Aditya get into a moving truck in order to hide. The moment they realise that the truck has been stopped by the driver for a few minutes, they manage to escape. On the other side, the police interrogate the employees of the Zosh company about Zoya and Aditya’s relationship and everything that had happened in the past.

Aditya and Zoya reach a jungle and decide to stay there for a night and leave the next the day. Rajvir asks Mahi if Zoya knew somebody else except Mahi’s mother and herself. Rajvir further tells Mahi that all the routes that could help Zoya and Adita escape from Mumbai have been blocked by the Police. Arjun tries to find a loophole for getting an anticipatory bill against the non – bailable warrant.

Zoya’s father is about to leave for Mumbai when suddenly he sees a group of media reporters standing at his doorstep. The reporters eventually approach him and start to ask various questions about Zoya and Aditya. On the other hand, Zoya’s leg twists while Zoya and Aditya are looking for a safe place in the jungle. When Aditya tries to help her when Zoya realises that even Aditya was hurt and his hand was bleeding. Zoya further helps Aditya to clean up his bruise. Soon they find a small hut in the jungle and decide to take shelter in it.

Noor, on the other side, explains Zoya’s mother – in – law that Zoya is not at fault and there must be some reason behind whatever was happening and further says that it all is a misunderstanding. Zoya’s mother-in-law talks t0 Zoya’s father and blames Zoya for all that was happening. Zoya and Aditya finally find a shelter for themselves and recall and cherish their past memories spent with their spouses.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)