Mitali’s brother decides to burn Khanna and Mitali alive. Shivaay requests and pleads Mitali’s brother not to do so. Mitali’s brother tells Shivaay not to speak a word in favour of Khanna and Shivaay further saying that whatever had happened would not matter to Shivaay and family since they come from a rich family, but for Mitali’s family, it was a matter of disrespect. Shivaay supports Khanna saying that he cannot let Mitali’s brother torture and kill Khanna because Khanna is a part of Shivaay’s family.

Mitali’s brother says that his caste doesn’t approve of such an act which is committed by Khanna and Mitali to which Shivaay replies that what matters the most is humanity above everything. Anika, Bhavya, Gauri, Omkara and Rudra, also try to convince Mitali’s brother telling him that its a crime, but Mitali’s brother ignores them and heads towards Mitali and Khanna and pours kerosene on them.

Shivaay further explains Mitali’s brother that his kids will learn from his actions and would apply the same in future listening to which Mitali’s brother gives up and stops himself from burning Mitali and Khanna. Omkara and Rudra further untie Mitali and Khanna. Khanna then apologises to Shivaay and thanks him for stopping him from committing a sin. The next day Shivay talks with his childhood friend Farhan who was coming to meet Shivay and his family on the occasion of Id.