Sherlyn home and relaxes on her bed while thinking about the necklace drama that took place. She is relieved thinking that things went well and Prithvi was able to manage everything wisely. While making all the arrangements for the party, Srishti asks Karan if he had planned anything against Prithvi and Sherlyn. Karan tells Srishti that he had seen Sherlyn and Prithvi together the previous night, which sounded shocking to Srishti. Then the two start thinking of a solid plan.

Kareena tells Sherlyn to take over the responsibility of decorations for the party, considering the fact that she soon will be joining the Luthra family. Sherlyn starts making decorations her way, telling Srishti that it was her right to do so. Srishti argues with Sherlyn but suddenly realises that Karan is trying to take Sherlyn’s phone and requires help. Srishti then manipulates the situation by apologising to Sherlyn, further helping Karan to check Sherlyn’s phone.

Sherlyn goes to check her phone and realises that it wasn’t there which makes her doubt Karan and she starts to look for him. She finds Karan and sees that he has her phone, but she stops herself from asking for her phone and rather decides to make up a situation that puts Karan in a problem. Sherlyn calls Rishabh and takes him to Karan. She smartly expresses her feelings about Karan disliking her. Sherlyn further tells Rishabh that Karan has taken her phone listening to which Rishabh tells Karan not to repeat it ever again.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)