Rakhi calls for Sherlyn, When Sherlyn was on a call with Prithvi, she lies to Rakhi saying that she was talking with her mother regarding the necklace. When Rakhi said that she too wanted to speak to Sherlyn’s mother, Sherlyn changes the topic giving her false reasons, trying not to let her talk to her mother.

Preeta, on the other hand, was thinking about Sherlyn’s necklace that she had found in Prithvi’s car. Kritika calls up Preeta asking her about Naani’s health to which Preeta says that the treatment is going on and will take some time. Preeta further asked about Sherlyn’s necklace. Kritika tells that she feels that Sherlyn was faking about losing her necklace and must have done something deliberately. Kritika further expressed her hatred for Sherlyn. Suddenly Preeta gets a call from the doctor and leaves to see Dadi. Karan and Rishabh reach home and get to know that Dadi was in the hospital due to pain in her foot. And then while having a healthy conversation, Rakhi showers love on her two sons.

Karan is pleased to see Srishti who had come to meet Sameer. Karan tells her that he was in his room. Sritshti got very nervous with thought of meeting Sameer and was filled with multiple emotions. They both then meet and the discussion they were having soons turns into a fight. When Srishti realises that Rakhi was enjoying the fight and teasing her in a playful manner, Shrishti says she has to go to the market to purchase some paint and then she leaves.

Dadi comes back home with Preeta and was welcomed by Karan. While Preeta was taking Dadi to the washroom, her purse falls with everything inside it. Karan then starts to collect Preeta’s things and find Sherlyn’s necklace as well. Preeta tells him that she found the necklace in Prithvi’s car and Karan again starts to doubt Prithvi’s character and his relationship with Sherlyn. Karan asks Preeta to not tell anybody that she had found the necklace in Prithvi’s car.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)