Param sees Aliya disturbed with the thought of Adi’s child, staying with the Bhallas. Param sees it to be a perfect moment to provoke Aliya against Bhallas but is immediately stopped by Mahika from doing so. Mahika clearly tells Param that Aliya’s family is there to look after her and support her and so he must not interfere in it.

Santosh tries to convince Raman for bringing Roshni’s child to the Bhalla house. Karan says that he will try to do so and further consoles Aliya about it. Aliya tells Raman that she feels very alone because everybody in the family was thinking about Roshni and her child ignoring Aliya’s situation and problems. Raman tries his level best, to explain Aliya but she apologises and refuses to accept Santosh’s will. On the other side Ishita is busy making a list of things that will be required for Adi’s child. Ruhi calls up Ishita to tell her about what Santosh had decided about Adi’s child, but was suddenly stopped by Raman.

Raman tells Ruhi to not to reveal anything to Ishita because she thinks a lot and further adds that they will rather give a surprise to Ishita, later. Param calls up Shagun and informs her about Aliya’s condition, trying to provoke her against Bhallas. Ishita makes all possible arrangements for Adi’s child so that he doesn’t face any problems once he enters that world. And then, gets lost in Adi’s thoughts and memories.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)