In yesterday’s episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Raman asks Romi about his absence in the office and his disinterested attitude in other activities. To this, Romi says he wants to keep his life personal and private life separate unlike Raman’s which is an open book. Ishita and Roshni goes to a Chinese restaurant to cater to Roshni’s craving for Chinese. The owner of the restaurant who is a good friend of Raman calls him up and asks him about his absence in the restaurant replying to which Raman says that he would too reach there in a few minutes.

Raman reaches the restaurant with the same girl who he had met in the club. Raman does every little thing to make Ishita feel jealous. The girl comments on Ishita’s dressing style and calls her a “behenji”. Ishita hits back with hard words which leave her dumbstruck. While Ishita is leaving the restaurant, Raman hears some boys commenting on Ishita. Raman gets really angry and beats them up and asks the owner to kick them out of the restaurant immediately.

Raman while his way back home recalls all the memories and times spent with Ishita. Raman realises that he still loves Ishita but simultaneously the incident of Adi’s death conquers his mind. Raman’s colleague who had got his root canal done from Ishita approaches Raman and tells him that he is suffering from severe pain after the root canal surgery. Raman and his colleague reach Ishita’s clinic and blame her for the same.