Kartik gets shocked to see Naira standing at her doorstep. Kittu, the little girl talks nicely with Kartik while Naira and Kartik were still trying to accept the fact that they were living in the same building. Naira goes through conflicting thoughts in her mind whether to tell her father about Kartik’s stay in the same apartment. But she decides to hide it thinking that, revealing about Kartik would hurt her father.

Naira, while working in the kitchen, recalls her recent memories with Kartik and had cooked Kachoris. Kartik smells “Kachoris” and recalls his memories of cooking them with Naira and further tries to get away with that thought. Naira leaves for the college while being lost in Kartik’s thoughts, and suddenly Kittu and an aunty enter the house asking Naira’s father to join the “welcome committee” for welcoming the new neighbour. Naira knowing that it was Kartik, tries to stop her father from attending the meeting, by telling the aunty that he is busy and so won’t be able to come for the welcome.

All the committee members welcome Kartik and tell him to ask for anything if he feels the need. Kittu offers “Kachoris” made by Naira, to Kartik. Kartik refuses to eat those “Kachoris” saying that he doesn’t eat all that and was also getting late for the college. Kartik then thinks that why would Naira prepare “Kachoris” for him since she doesn’t even talk to him. He further thinks that Naira only had deliberately told all the committee members to welcome him so that he gets late for college

Kartik and Naira, both look for a cab to reach college. They call out for the same cab and start to fight over it. The cab driver offers the cab to both of them but Kartik and Naira refuse to get in together. They then look for some other cab and try making arrangements for transportation to reach college on time.

(Text: Gauri Sharma)