Naira reached home in pathetic condition, all wet from head to toe in rain. She felt very depressed and answered nothing when her father asked about the same. Kartik had reached Aiport who was also in a disturbed mood. He decided that he would not stay in Mumbai and would also never go back to Mumbai. Naira in anger destroyed her college identity card while recalling Kartik’s behaviour with her and further told her father that she would not be going to the college from the very next day.

Swarna expressed her feeling to Manish saying that she was happy to see the father and daughter relationship because her relationship with Kirti was degrading. She told him that her flight got cancelled and decided to leave with Manish only, the next morning. Naira’s father worried about her decision of not going to college from the nest day asked about the reason for the same. Naira told him that the professors were not good there and that is the reason for her not going to college.

Kartik decided to leave for Mumbai the next day and told himself that he would not go to college anymore. Kartik was very disturbed with everything that had happened and on the other side, even Naira also struggled with the same situation. Kartik cried thinking about Naira. He waited for two years for Naira to return but she never did so and realised that Naira had changed. On the other hand, Naira cried too and kept on telling herself that she would not go to college anymore.

Text: Gauri Sharma