Mohabbatein and Dhoom 3 actor Uday Chopra, son of Yash Chopra, who recently opened up about how to battle depression, has now tweeted that ‘he is not ok’ and that he is trying his best to be fine but so far he is failing in it.

According to TOI, Uday took to Twitter to share a series of cryptic tweets which may suggest that he is suffering from mental health issues like depression and may have also developed suicidal tendencies. Uday’s tweets read:

” Confession: I am not ok! I am trying but so far I’m failing.”

“For a few hours, I De-activated my twitter account. It felt as close to death as I could get. Was phenomenal! I think this is a good good option to suicide. I might be doing it permanently soon”

Well, these tweets have been deleted. We just hope he is fine now.

This also isn’t Uday’s first tweet that hinted at a low phase in life. In June 2018, he spoke about anxiety and depression. He wrote, “Depression, Anxiety, Social withdrawal, behavioural changes, over-indulgence in food, alcohol, drugs etc these are all signs. If they continue for a longer period of time then there could be an issue. Most importantly do not judge them for it, instead, try and understand them.”

In one of his interviews, Uday spoke about not finding acceptance from the audience. He said, “Everyone who enters Bollywood has dreams. I won’t lie — I wanted to be number one too, but things did not work out. I faced rejection from the audience and I just couldn’t accept it. I went into denial, refusing to believe that this could be happening…but then reality hit me hard. In these two years, all the froth and rubbish has come out of me. I now know who I am and what my limitations are. It’s been a cathartic process.

In September 2018, Uday shared a tweet in which he advocated that marijuana should be legalised in India and how it will bring huge revenue. He also added that marijuana is a part of our culture and also that it has medical benefits. Mumbai Police schooled him by tweeting, “Sir,as citizen of India,you are privileged to express your view on a public platform. Be mindful,as of now, consumption, possession and transportation of marijuana, invites harsh punishment as per provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act,1985. Spread the Word”.