Unbelievable! Deepika Padukone tweets Happy Birthday to rival Katrina Kaif!

Looks like Deepika Padukone has finally forgiven Katrina Kaif for going steady with her ex-lover Ranbir Kapoor! Call it newfound friendship or a goodwill gesture, the leggy Deepika behaved like a total sweetheart and tweeted, ‘Happy Birthday Katrina’ wishing her rival on her birthday today (July 16)! Deepika said, “Happy Birthday #Katrina!Lots of love & hope you have the bestest year ever!:-)”



Is Deepika trying to be over-friendly with Katrina? Or is it because she is shooting for Imtiaz Ali’s Tamasha with Ranbir Kapoor in Corsica that she wished Katrina on Twitter? After all, Katrina was slated to join him there for a holiday.

As far as we know, Deepika and Katrina are unlikely to be BFFs, since they have dated the same man. But being cordial is not a bad idea on Deepika’s part, since Ranbir and Kat are now almost living-in!

Way to go, Deepika!