Varun Dhawan is all set to make his fans experience October, right the middle of April, when his film October releases on April 13. The actor, who calls the film ‘very close to my heart’, has gone through an on the set training for his character of a hotel management student in the film. The makers shot the entire sequence at a real location, inside a five-star hotel in Delhi. Director Shoojit Sircar is known to apply real, authentic ways of shooting his films to get the best out of the actors and he made sure that Varun got a taste of every task a real hotel management student is required to do during the training period.

From washing toilets, cleaning dishes and vacuuming to cooking, the actor was required to do all the tasks to pick up the mannerisms of a hotel employee. Since they were shooting in an actual hotel which hosted a lot of guests from other countries, they would often consider Varun Dhawan as a real employee and ask him to do certain jobs for them. The actor was asked to get food orders for the guests and was even given housekeeping requests to clean the room. Varun, being completely in character,  would even adhere to their requests. ALSO READ: How Varun Dhawan’s October Heroine Banita Sandhu Turned Her Biggest Weakness Into A Strength For October Will Leave You Impressed

It was then that the director would secretly shoot the visuals, and capture Varun in his element, doing what was asked of him by the real guests and for his reel character. Shoojit would later show it to Varun to prove how perfect the shots were.

Produced by Ronnie Lahiri and Sheel Kumar, October stars Varun Dhawan and Banita Sandhu. A Rising Sun Films and Kino Works Production, directed by Shoojit Sircar, the film is set to release on April 13, 2018.