By now we are sure you know about Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan‘s infamous story. The two were great friends until last year but things got murky after a legal war between Vikas and Parth. The Kaisi Hai Yaariyan actor accused Vikas of molesting him and even registered a police complaint against him. TV czarina Ekta Kapoor came out in support of the Bigg Boss 11 contestant and revealed that Parth and Vikas were indeed in a relationship at one point. After the fight, the two went separate ways. But last night, Parth and Vikas were seen bonding at Palash Muchhal’s birthday bash.

So have Parth and Vikas patched up and thought of giving their friendship another chance? Well, a source present at the party told The Indian Express, “No doubt there was a lot of hesitance initially when Vikas and Parth came under the same roof but seems like they had already decided to give their friendship another turn. They weren’t being besties but definitely seemed comfortable around each other and even danced together with their friends. From what they have gone through, it is surprising for the world to see them together.” We also got our hands on an inside picture where Parth and Vikas are seen in the same frame. Check it out below:

Vikas’ cousin Anshuman Malhotra shared the picture and wrote about how Vikas has transformed as a person. He also confirmed about Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan’s patch up with the caption. He wrote, ” There is so much I have learnt from you and today you again taught me how beautifully to leave negativity behind, to forgive and be a happy human being. You are right keeping anger and negativity only pulls you down. Even if someone has done wrong doesn’t mean you do wrong back. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. Be a bigger person. To happy and positive times what amazing grace both of you & you look awesome in the picture @lostboyjourney what transformation Happy Birthday @palash_muchhal . You made the unthinkable possible. Have a supaah year ahead.”