The famous on-going controversy of Vikas Gupta and Parth Samthaan is still gaining a lot of popularity amongst the viewers. After a long time once again Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan actor is a new trouble. Yes, a few months back, the television heartthrob actor was in the news for his scandalous WhatsApp controversy and molestation case news which went viral over the social media and his fans were quite shocked over such news. Parth Samthaan and Vikas Gupta’s non-stop on going controversy has kept the audiences hooked and even the internet is going gaga over it. We can just say that it seems as if there is no stopping to Parth and Vikas love-hate fight which is going on since a long time. ALSO READ: OMG! Parth Samthaan cozying up in bed picture with Vikas Gupta takes the controversy to another level!

Yesterday in a video, Parth Samthaan’s picture in a pair of red boxer shorts was leaked. Yes, the actor was on a holiday with his friends in Bangkok and these pictures are doing rounds on social media. Few months back, Vikas also slammed Parth by posting their new kissing pictures in which Parth was seen getting cosy in bed with Vikas.

A leading entertainment portal contacted Subhash Singh he said, “We dont know from where these videos get leaked. It does not affect us. Parth has laughed at this news. I fail to understand what is newsworthy about it. It has four boys on a holiday two years back and they are in boxers. When people go swimming they will wear boxers only naa. A few days back there were snaps of Virat Kohli riding a horse in the West Indies in swimming trunks skimpier than this. No one made news. This is just hullabaloo. I dont want to name anyone but I fail to understand what people are getting by doing such activities.”

Have a look at those leaked images:

Subhash also further added saying, “They were holidaying in Bangkok almost two years ago when the video was taken. Boys roam around in boxers and that’s no big deal. I do the same. It’s unfortunate that Vikas is leaving no stone unturned to spoil Parth’s image. Even if he uploads a nude video of Parth, it wouldn’t hamper my project.” When the portal tried to speak to Vikas he said, “I would request the media to keep me away from stuff as silly as this.” So what do you think is someone purposely posting such pictures of Parth just to spoil his celebrity image?