London, Jun 25: Actress Viola Davis, who plays corrupt government official Amanda Waller in “Suicide Squad,” was not happy with the bizarre gifts sent by Jared Leto and wanted to pepper spray him. The 50-year-old Emmy award winner said she was scared by the presents sent by Leto, who plays Joker in the movie, reported Digital Spy.

“It was a little worrisome. It made me a little bit nervous and I’m pretty tough. You know, I got into a few fights when I was growing up… But it scared me a little bit,” Davis said. Leto notoriously sent a range of inappropriate gifts to his cast mates including a live rat to Margot Robbie, adult magazines to Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and a dead pig to whole team. (ALSO READ: Viola Davis doesn’t want to be judged for ‘mistakes’ as parent)

Davis only met the 44-year-old Oscar-winning actor after shooting was complete. “Before that I was only introduced to The Joker….And I almost had my pepper spray out. You know, ‘You remember that bullet you sent me?'” “Suicide Squad” will hit the screens on August 5.